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[IDEA] New guards look (with preview)


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Im currently toying around with CK and I wanted to try replacing armor mesh. My choice was to replace Whiterun guard armor with mail shirt from Witcher 2. I succeeded and that armor looked so well that I added open faced helmets mod, plain gloves and leather boots. Here's the end result:





You can Right-click and select "view image"




I really, really like the new look the guards have now. IMHO they look much more natural as opposed to cartoonish look they had in vanilla. The only problem is that armor lacks any coat of arms or color specific to city. However it gives guards that expandable and replaceable look. Also they still have their shields.


Im posting this here as I would like to hear your opinions if I should release a mod changing all the guards. Some additional ideas are also welcome.

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I did a quick retexture of the padded undershirt. Now it has Falkreath color. I think this recolor is enough for making guards different between cities.






Also there is another version of this armor with a cloth shirt over mail, making recolors of that would be piece of cake. However I prefer this version, still it would be possible to add variants.


Now the only thing I dont like now is the helmet. I would prefer something simpler. I tried to edit hathtrooper44's vandal helmet to remove cheek guards and eye guards, however new model dosent show up ingame.


EDIT: Here's how the armor looks with (unedited) vendal helmet. IMHO it makes guards look like a true nords.





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I created variations, however, unfortunately, I was not able to make whiterun guards wear new armors. I dont have much of experience with CK so I dont know what's wrong. I created new armors, created leveled list for armors and edited outfits but guards kept wearing only first variant.


In any case I have PSD file ready for recoloring, meshes and textures edited so they wont need whole witcher 2 pack. Im not exactly sure what to do now with all of this.


EDIT: Out of boredrom I did some more reskining of withcer armors and here's what I ended up with:


(right-click > "view image")


City Guard - this time with helmet without eyeguard, looks pretty nifty.







Replacement for Light Imperial Legion Armor - took me some time, but I like how that retexture turned out. especially the dragon.







A variant for Imperial Light Armor:







Replacement for Studded Imperial Armor:







A possible heavy legionary armor:







A possible Elite legionary armor:






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I did some more texture work (as I cant get edited mesh working properly) and I retextured the plate armor replacing the padded armor underneath with chainmail. I must say Im really like how the mail turned out. It looks really thick and gives that look of very well crafted armor that will protect you in battle.









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