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Trouble with invisible model in Skyrim (SE)


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Hello everyone. I hope it is correct place to post this. I've faced a problem with transfer a model of the hood from Oblivion into Skyrim. I've fit the model for skyrim skeleton in 3d max, created new texture, then copied bone weight in Outfit studio (the reference was thief guild hood), then defined textures path in nifskope and placed new meshes/textures/normal map into appropriate folders in Data. Then created esp in Creation kit to add the hood into the world. In nifskope and creation kit the hood was displayed correctly, but it is invisible in game. Sorry, question may be stupied but I really need help with that - I've tried to fix that for days but failed.

P.S. Sorry for my English and thank you.


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Hi. Open the nif file in either Nifskope or Outfit Studio and check the partition is the right one (SBP 30 Head or something like that, the same as you set in CK). If that's not it, open Nifskope and in the Dismember Skin Instance node check that the value of Num Bones is not zero. These are two things that can happen.

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