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Question about Ethereal Device


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^ Yup that's it ... One "Alien Base" on the ground and one "Temple Ship" and you're done ... You can extend the game slightly by NOT attacking the Temple Ship (it doesn't do anything after the initial earthquake cutscene) or the Alien Base for that matter, and hopefully get a few "Battleships" which are (almost) the same as the ground base ...


Remember this game has been woefully butchered to give it mass market console appeal, so unfortunately, short of some serious DLC additions (or more likely some serious modding) it isn't gonna' get much better ...

And you can finish the game in about 3 hours once you learn the what and where's of research/engineering/building

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I understand that they wanted to keep this closely along the lines of the original and I commend them on that, as there were many differences, the concepts and structure of the game play was like old times!! But they need to make a part 2 and take this game to the next level!
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I was surprised about there only being one alien base. I was expecting it to be like the original where you could send out your ships to patrol an area for additional bases to destroy. The final mission was alright but it was too linear. Most of the missions were too linear. You more or less knew where to head after you spotted your first alien in normal and classic while in all the other games, you could be hit from any direction at any difficulty. Though it would probably be overkill, a floater sniper with squad sight or muton heavies with fusion rockets would really go a long way towards bringing back the previous games' sense of terror.
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