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The One Room Round Robin Part 3 has been released!


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"You are travelling to Bardwell in the Peacebound Lands, when suddenly a wave of strange force drives through you and makes you fall unconscious…"

One Room Round Robin Part 3 is the latest release of the multi-modder project for Legend of Grimrock 2.

15 developers – including some of the best of the Grimrock modding scene – have each created areas of the game, in various styles, always full of new ideas, puzzles, assets and effects. All of them are unique, amazing and contain many surprises, while everything is tied together by an extensive story about an abandoned village, strong magical powers, and the Dark Tower.

Features: 20 modders' locations, over 20 levels, extensively crafted global areas, elaborate new spell set, never encountered enemies, re-balanced weapons, non-player characters, optional quests, 62 secrets, 17 achievements, support of parties with fewer than four champions.

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Hi ChrisDnham,


you mean the blob spell, right?


So, the question is: What could you do to activate a turning device at this spot?


Solution: Drop something on the floor. (Mark this line to make the text visible.)

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Yes please . I have sent many messages requesting activation and had no reply.

With regards to my first question the room has stone maps that have to be placed then you have to turn a projectile to make it hit a receptor. Is this the blob spell?

I've sent you a private message.

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