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[Question] What´s going on with the modding Community

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Why there is such a small amount of mods out for Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order?

I mean even for Jedi Academy comes more mods per day then for this new game. And that´s a game from 2003 :D

Is it harder to mod this game then it was past day´s? I mean I don´t know im out from the deep modding scene since 2005.

Is it get really that harder to modify games these days?

Or is the modding Community gone that small?

Just a Question. I don´t want to offend anyone. Maybe there are really big mods for this game on there way idk. ^^

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That's specifically because Jedi Academy is a game from 2003 (and technically, from 2002 since it was largely a modified Jedi Outcast, so it benefited from modding knowledge of that game), that it has many more mods.


And yes, UE4 is an incredibly hard(er) engine to modify without official mod support, and Fallen Order even more so. We're still trying to crack model swapping. Progress is slow, and until there's consequential breakthrough, mods will be very limited.

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