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The Dragon At Bone-Strewn Crest Is Bugged.


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I'm having a really annoying problem. When I fight the dragon in the sulfur hot springs area, absolutely nothing hurts it. I can wail on it for a solid ten to fifteen minutes, and it's health bar remains full. I do have Deadly Dragons installed, but I have it set barely higher than vanilla strength. Ten to fifteen minutes should be enough time for me to kill two dragons, let alone one, but not this one.


Also, this bug is only effecting this one dragon. All the other dragons I've encountered, whether radiantly spawning or pre-set, behave normally.


Basically, I need to fix this one dragon. Can anyone suggest something? Perhaps another mod, or maybe a console command that would "reset" this dragon back to the way it should be?

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If it's only that one dragon, you can try console commands. Always save your game before trying anything with the console!


Now open the console, click on the dragon and type "recycleactor". This will basically make the dragon "respawn" with its default settings.


Another possible solution is to click on the dragon and type "disable", followed by "enable". The dragon will first vanish, then reappear (hopefully not bugged anymore). This is generally a very efficient way to "cure" bugged NPCs. Be careful not to moove your mouse during the process - or else you won't be able to "enable" the dragon again. If this happens, reload. Otherwise the dragon might be gone forever and never respawn.


Last resort: Kill the dragon with the console: Click on the dragon, type "kill". Theoretically, this should let him respawn after some time. But again: Skyrim sometimes doesn't act as expected...

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