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ODST Battle Armor & Helmet MK117 -=Work In Progress=-


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Final model on Silenced SMG finished.





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Well textures have to be done with the silenced SMG and Pistol, Drop pod has to be done past base textures. But the armor and armor accessories, world object, drop pod with a placeholder/base texture is all packaged up to be ready for V1 of the release. Those of you on the Nexus will have to wait until Sept 1st for v2. Ill be posting updates, The weapons will be in a seperate mod pack for a bit once done, and they will be released on the nexus right away once ready.





-=Top Secret MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor=-
Mr. House,
We are sending you this Prototype Combat Armor per your request from MIT, The US Army
and Vault-Tec have been hard at work on this new project. Unfortunately we have had to send it early... the bombs
have just started to drop all over the US it will not be long until Boson is hit. Hopefully this
reaches you in Vegas in time, it would be a shame to lose this pinnacle of technology that you paid
billions in support of its development.

We do have to inform you that we have not been able to solve the problem with the mini Fusion Reactor.
For now the unit is still powered by the mini nuclear reactor, unfortunately many of the suites
more advanced abilities & systems will be disable. Its running on its basic AI and functions, turning on
all systems will result in a nuclear meltdown of the core in the pack. I am launching the pod in the next
couple minutes, then its to DC to get Liberty Prime to a secure location.
It has been an honor working with you Mr. House.

General RT Lewis

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