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This is just a general gee wiz information post for those who are new to modding XIV and are thinking of making your own mods. I decided to make this after see and "HD" mod put out that was A: made in a way that will crash the game and B: Be physically impossible to ever finish.


1. To install mods or make mods you NEED the Textools 2 software off of either the website OR their server. (Preferably the server as it is updated more frequently)

2. Post Shadowbringers launch SE ended up using one of the dats we used to use to stash mods decreasing our overall mod capacity. The new max mod limit is 5.645gb uncompressed and not a megabyte more.

a. This means that mods that promise HD textures of 2k or higher are ill advisable as they will eat up all of your mod space

b. You cant mod this like skyrim.... mods dont go on till your game cant handle any more

3. All textures IF upscaled MUST remain at a increased factor of 2 for everything or modded gear will crash the game. 512x256 must become 1024x512 etc. You cant make everything 2048x2048 as that will definitely break your game.

4. Make sure to check all 20+ mod servers and the archive site when requesting or making mods. Odds are its already been made.

5. There are a TON of how to guides out there and even a post of saved guides on the archive site. I recommend using them.

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