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Guys! Can you make a mod "Clementine's appearance" from the game "The Walking Dead"? I tried to create her appearance without mods, but it doesn’t work. I crush on her and therefore it will now be very difficult to refuse my desires! Many thanks to the people who will be inspired and enthusiastically make such a mod! <3

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Has anybody got a fix for my bannerlord. it doesn't launch after i installed vortex and 1 mod. ive deleted the mod and vortex and even re installed the game with no luck. help please i just want to play, without mods even.



I just had the same thing happen? Did you ever figure it out?

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What Bannerlord is lacking the most is immersion. If there were cut scenes added to quest lines this game would be epic. TaleWorlds would do well to learn from the star wars online game SWOTOR. The cut scenes and quests make that game immersive. Do that with Bannerlord and build the lore to be in depth, on par with games like Elder Scrolls and you will have an epic game. I haven't seen any mods of note that introduce animations or cut scenes or quests.

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Can anyone help me with modding M&B Bannerlord?

As I said below, without ButterLib all other mods "appear to be working."

At lease the game does not crash.


Please see attached screen shots.

(hope you van see all the Version numbers. I had to reduce it to fit 250k. )


I am using vortex with Nexus launcher.
Stream Bannerlord v1.59 (apparently according to the Official Launcher)

1 mod only:
Harmony v2.0.4.60
Works fine.

2 mods:
Harmony v2.0.4.60
ButterLib V 1.0.24
Crashes and burns no matter the load order.
Clear to me that Butter lib is not playing nice.

I have posted a message on ButterLib but no one seem to know.

Their mods seem to be working as far as I can see.

The Author also said in sticky note that it was working.


So I am at a lost. What am I doing wrong?

Or does it just not work for any of you?





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Hey everyone first time coming around to make a post around here so if I'm in the wrong place just let me know


could anyone make a few things like

Elendil's crowned helmet and Aragorn's crown and Armor

more ''royal and noble'' like garments because I don't see much fancy in the fancier clothes :P

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