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Your Funniest Gmod Moments

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Stumbling across this section of Nexus was actually pretty hilarious. I however forgot to capture the moment and am thus unable to share it. I could do a documentary style video with re-enactments if I can find the right thespian for the part.

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I raided an 1942 RP server with an explicit version of the SCP-1471-A playermodel. Boobs, tits, and vagina all in glorious display. I INSTANTLY was jailed but knew the jails were flawed... Kept crouch jumping on a corner when they weren't looking and literally slid out... The moment th frickin' skinheads saw me out again and not in my freakshow case of bars and glass, they put me back in... sliiiide out of the geometry.

"Oh hi guys what's up"

At this point I was just plain out TP'ed in to my cell, no more RP escort to send flirtatios messages to.


... So, they TP'ed me in and weren't supervising my cell... You know where this is going, I knew where this was going, how could none of the racists who don't even speak german: "Not See" where this was going...?

Crouch jump, crouch jump, and I'm out again.

"I have a feeling you don't want me in public"

... dudes were cursing up a storm going insane... Oh and a VPN also helped me reconnect, so the server just eventually died as everyone but me and a few trolls stayed... Even friended some of the trolls who helped dismantled the server...

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