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Now I would at least attempt to make these mods myself but PTDE is literally unpurchasable now. So for those who do own both PTDE and Remastered, PLEASE


>Mod that replaces the Bonfire's flames back to what they used to be, maybe one that also replaces its "fog" effect when resting

>Mod that replaces items from the stupid blue dots from DaS2 (why does DaS2 have MODICUM of influence in this game) back to the white souls they're supposed to be

>Mod that replaces the new blood with what it used to be, aka not raspberry jam

>Mod that fixes the lighting pretty much throughout the whole game, but I feel the Undead Asylum is the worst offender


I know it might sound like I should just go and play the Switch version, but I do like some of the changes in the Remastered such as all the spells. So please, it's been two years. All of this should've been done within the first month of the game's release.

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