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Creating a modification.

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I’m saying right away I’m using google translation, so it’ll be fun. Please quote what is not clear.

In connection with the declared quarantine, I I offer cooperation and do something useful for the community.

Game: Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare.

Job: Creating a modification.

About me: Manager, Assistant to the General Director, at the peak, i led 15 people.

What will appear:

- The system for suppressing the protagonist is similar to the Squad game (screen Getting dark when the bullet falls close);

- Screams, groans, pleas for help, obscene language;

- A damage system similar to Red Orchestra 2 (blood, dissected limbs, limping);

- Animations of peopwounds and deaths (the blood trail following the bullet which struck the NPC, the NPC reproduces the hit animation (as far as possible), convulsions before death, blood loss, falling with during a fatal hit);

- Animation of seriously wounded and use first aid (such NPCs do not continue the battle);

I think that's enough for a start, all other mechanics will be implemented in the future, depending on the performers and the coordination of work.

Who is required:

Motion designer - 2 people;

Developer - 1 person;

What is needed:

- Experience in writing games, or modifications to Unity;

- It is desirable, but not necessary, to have experience working with software for creating modifications for games for Unity that do not officially support modifications (example: BepInEx);

Experience of remote work, or the implementation of personal projects;

Free time due to quarantine;

The desire to expand the portfolio;

Payment: Enthusiasm.

Why is this mod:

- In addition to these developers, freelance specialists will be involved to improve the quality of content, to refine existing developments.

- Development results, you can safely upload to your portfolio.

- There is close feedback with developers from the very top of the organizational structure on any issues related to development, so that the chances of a working and high-quality product increase.

- A chance to prove yourself as a beginner, or an active developer.

- The ability to engage in self-development through practice in quarantine.

- Plus to karma.

The request "Add tank" do not disturb.

For all questions, write to the PM or Topic (to attract attention).

I will be glad to cooperate, be all healthy.

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