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FO4 XBONE - Constant crashes (Load Order issues?)


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Hey folks, as stated in the title I'm running into rather frustrating crashes. And by frustrating I don't mean those once-every-couple-hours kind of freezes (Gotta love Bethesda, eh?).


Whenever I get close to Goodneighbor or -heaven forbid- actually reach the door and enter the town the game probably thinks it's actually called Goodnight and full-on crashes (loud buzzing noise, probably the console running out of memory until it boots me back to dashboard). This is consistent in the area around Goodneighbor as a whole and happens a lot throughout the larger Downtown area in general.


Already tried reinstalling the game and only using a couple mods but this one is a persistent bugger, I'm afraid. Now I'm really hoping I merely messed up my LO and fixing that will result in... well... still more freezes than an AAA-title should have but you know what I'm getting at.


My LO is as follows:


Nora Companion WIP

Misriah Armory XB1 Port

Walther P99 (XB1)

Hyper's Merge Pack #3

See Through Scopes

Mjolnir Mk V(B) Assault Armor

(Official) CBBE Curvy

Magnum Force


Wasteland Radio, Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3

Reneer's Radio Mod

Girly Animation

Settler and Companion Dialogue... (I think it's Overhaul. Not sure. Too lazy to check.)

BAM - Weapon Racks and More

Realistic Sound XB1

Full Dialogue Interface

LOOKUP FAILED - Creation Club - FDI Fix

Power Line Physics [hey it's only 242 B after all, so might as well]


Considering I said I only added a couple mods after reinstalling the game... it appears I'm a liar. Huh.


Anyways that's all I've got active at the moment. It might look like a jumbled mess but I just figured if certain mods are placed lower than others it should work fine. It worked for Skyrim, after all... If anyone could tell me if this order causes any issues I'd very much appreciate the help (as well as my wife, who keeps getting thrown out of bed or off the couch whenever that buzzing sound appears).


P.S.: Sorry for the novel. Thank God this ain't Twitter, though...

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I have cbbe curvey, girly animations, and realistic sounds (not sure if your girly animations and realistic sounds are made by the same person mine are, and im not at the xb1 atm) i think its cbbe curvy, since it edits female bodys, it might have more textures, and being around good neighbor usually loads in some female bodies, I've also seen a mod thats said to reduce the load for cbbe bodys by replacing female raiders with male raiders, so see about cbbe curvy Because ive been having the same issues
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