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Universal Mod Problems


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Heyho together!


I have a lot of Problems with Mount and Blade Mods in general. I've loadet some Mods and there are always different kind of Problems there. For example:


The Mod "Eastern armor OSP" (Here ) and "YesMoreHorses" Here I do what the Readme told me, Texturefiles into the Texture Folder, Resources in the Resource Folder, copy&paste the Itemlines into the item_kinds1.txt, sum the number on top and add a line into the module.ini.


So far, so good. I start the Game and it's okay. Starting a New Game and the first thing i see in the Town battle is: I have no Weapons, the Offender has a male face and a female body. Okay, seems to be a bug, then came the merchant and he has no clothes but a plate helmet. Well okay.. maybe is a Mod-Problem. Try next Mod.


Now i want to try that "OSP Itempack" okay, rollback the Native folder, install like i've described. Starting a new Game.. oh, nice, i have an Lance as Weapon, the characters armor is colored in a sort of pink any my offender looks like a little shiny.. thing..


Humh.. maybe i should reinstall the Mods. Okay. Rollback the Native file, does exatly that what the README.txt told me but nothing changes. Sometimes i'm in a shiny little Armor,sometimes i'm naked, sometimes the raiders have male faces and femle bodys, sometimes my soldiers have male faces and female bodys, or infantry on horses et cetera, et cetera...


I try it now for maybe.. 3 or 4 hours, and i have no idea what is wrong. May you could help me.


My Datas:


Win 7, 64 Bit


Starting M&B Warband with Steam

M&B Warband Version: v1.154 (German) ((May that is the Problem... ?))


Thanks for Answers and Help / Support!




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