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Warhammer 40k: Tyranid Bio-Suit/Exoskeleton


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So I had this idea of creating an armor outfit called the "Tyranid Bio-Suit/Exoskeleton". Obviously, this is based off the Tyranids from Warhammer 40k, unfortunately I have no modding experience of any sort, so I figured to put the suggestion here for any of you curious.



The Tyranid Bio-Exoskeleton is a specially crafted suit designed by Tyranid Genestealer Cultists in a secret pre-war military bunker located somewhere in the Commonwealth

(Glowing Sea or maybe in the South swampy parts of the map, idk). Due to a rift in the Warp in the 40k universe, a very small group of Genestealers ended up in the Commonwealth before the bombs dropped.

The Tyranids quietly infiltrated society, converting people into cult members, they even got a number of military commanders and scientists.


Having learned of the nuclear technology, the Genestealers sought to utilize it for their own ends. Convincing some of the military leaders, the Genestealer Cult was able to secure themselves a military research bunker dedicated to harnessing nuclear power to enhance Tyranid strains (which was kept secret from the government, as all the members in charge of the project were converted). Just as they were about to finish the project, the bombs went off, killing most of the cult who did not escape to shelter. Only the ones in the bunker remained, knocked unconscious by the blast.


Waking up a few decades later, the Tyranids found out that while the apocalypse wiped out most of their cult, the radioactive fallout had created new strains of genetically mutated creatures, ripe for the enhancement of the Tyranid horde. Delighted, the cult transformed themselves to their true monstrous forms and set out to harvest the Commonwealth. Still, since they were few in number, the Genestealers did their work relatively quietly, taking a few unwary victims at night or foggy weather. Eventually, one of the members decided to create a special suit, modeled after themselves to better survive in the harsh environment. This became the Tyranid Bio-Exoskeleton.



The suit has the appearance of a Tyranid Hormagaunt, but with 4 limbs that are in the shape of a human. The head does not have the appearance of a typical Tyranid, but rather a visored helmet fitted to the proportions of a human. The two designs I have in mind is either a narrow-eyed helmet with a chitin gas mask or sorts, or a single V-shaped visor with a mask lined with teeth to give a fearsome appearance. The body still has the armored carapace back of a Tyranid, but is smaller to fit better, there is also a front carapace armor on the chest.


I have also thought of adding a "backpack" of sorts integrated into the back armor, with an organic chitin look to it. The arms and legs still have the segmented-like look, but have some chitin plating on the arms and thighs for better protection. The feet and hands are human-shaped, but with the bony appearance of the Tyranids. I'll be eventually adding some rough sketches of the design soon, so you have something to go off of. Also, glowing eyes would be cool.



As for color, the Player will be able to choose from a variety of Hive-Fleets from the Warhammer universe. Examples include:

Hive Fleet Leviathan (Default)

Hive Fleet Jormungandr

Hive Fleet Hydra

Hive Fleet Gorgon

Hive Fleet Kronos

Hive Fleet Kraken

Hive Fleet Behemoth (the Red and Blue version)

Hive Fleet Tiamet

Hive Fleet Ouroboros

Coconut Crab (Optional, Non-Canon) :D



The suit will be a full outfit with a helmet (perhaps I could add both helmet designs this way). But will still have section-appropriate mods. Here's the list.


Synaptic Boost: Enhances Intelligence and Perception by 1.

Hunter's Mark: Aiming with a weapon marks enemies.

Predatory Instincts: Adds a Targeting HUD when crouching.

Hazardous Filters: Increases Radiation Resistance.

Nocturnal Stalker: Adds Night Vision.

Savage Feeder: Gain more HP from eating, including cannibalism. (not sure if this is possible, but would be cool)


Adrenal Glands: Increases AP regen and Sprint Speed.

Pack Animal: Greatly increases Carryweight.

Spiked Chitin: Enemies who melee the player will receive minor damage. (like maybe 2-5?)

Bloody Frenzy: Increases damage based on how low your HP is.

Shock-Absorbent Plating: Reduces Explosive damage.

Sturdy Carapace: Increases Ballistic and Energy resistance.

Hardened Carapace: Further increases Ballistic and Energy resistance.

Fortified Carapace: Greatly increases Ballistic and Energy resistance.


Sharpened Claws: Melee hits inflicts Bleeding.

Venomous Claws: Melee hits inflicts Poison damage.

Quick Reflexes: Melee attack and reload speed increased.

Silent Killer: Increases stealth attack damage.


Strengthened Muscles: Reduces AP cost of all actions.

Shadowfeet: Makes you harder to detect.

Unfazing Stance: Harder to stagger.

Enduring Limbs: Reduced Limb damage



Oh Boy, I don't really have much of an idea for balancing, so I leave this to you guys. However, I will give some ground rules to go off of.

The Tyranid Bio-Exoskeleton has high Ballistic defense, low Energy defense, and slightly above-average melee defense. But it's Explosive defense is pretty low. (though not sure if this stat is even regarded much in-game) Radiation defense is average.

Not sure about weight, I'll go off on maybe a 25? Value is very high (obviously)

Classified as Light Armor.


Obtaining the Armor:

After reaching level 25, you'll get a Miscellaneous (or maybe Main Quest) called "The Hidden Threat" to investigate a scene somewhere west near Fallon's Department Store. You'll find a grisly scene of mauled Raiders, blood and bits everywhere but no bodies, except one survivor. They will weakly tell the player that hideous monsters ambushed them in the night and dragged them away somewhere in the Swamp, he'll then bleed out, and you'll have to go find the bunker, which is somewhere south of that position.


Once you enter the bunker, you'll have to fight several Genestealer cultists, due to limitations, these Genestealers will only have the normal 4 limbs. (not like, several) They will be armed with different weapons depending on their archetype. They use a human rigged body, but have Genestealer features, such as their head, body, and limbs. All of them will also threaten and taunt the player with guttural voices. Here's the enemies.

They share the same defenses as the armor, High Ballistic defense, but low Energy and Explosive defense.

Genestealer Scientist: Armed with modded melee weapons such as Pipe Wrenches, Tire Irons, and Combat Knives, they'll rush the player to deal fast damage, but are weak and easily put down. They wear ripped up Lab Coats.

Genestealer Soldier: Armed with Combat Rifles and Shotguns, and Laser Weapons, they'll shoot from afar while the Scientists rush you. Their the toughest archetype, they wear ripped up Army Fatigues.

Genestealer Raider: Armed with modded Pipe Weapons or melee weapons, their tougher than Scientists, but not as much as Soldiers. They wear ripped up Long Johns.




"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Submit to the Swarm..."

"Fresh meat!"

"Human! You die!"

"For the Swarm!"

"Your flesh will serve us well..."

"Hahaha! Weak..."

"Snarling and Growling noises"


"Gah! You pay!"

"The prey fights back..."

"Hngh! Think you will win!? Never..."

"Snarl in pain"


"Guttural dying noises"


After dealing with all the enemies, you'll go to the final room (a lab of sorts) where a Deathclaw-Genestealer hybrid awaits as a final enemy. Though it acts just like any other Deathclaw. (This is actually optional, if this seems too ambitious you don't have to do it) You get the armor in the final room, completing the Quest.

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