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LW1: Is it possible to 1) edit starting soldiers; 2) add performance stats for single missions; 3) restore vanilla psi training searching the "gif


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1) I just want to start with an argentinian soldier to promote into a gunner, as in the vanilla tutorial, I'm simply fond of him (maybe also a german guy to name Otto Zander, for roleplaying purposes, without using the cheat). I know that I can edit the weight in country selection for new soldiers, but this would affect every soldier, while I just want one guy from Argentina and not fill the barracks.
2) As for now, the mission debriefing only shows these stats for each soldier:
  • current status (healthy, fatigued if in Long War, wounded, critically wounded, KIA);
  • total kills during the whole campaign;
  • total missions during the whole campaign;
  • possible promotions.
I would like more depth in the stats about my soldiers. I would like to know how many unique kills during that mission, how many one shots, how many hits, how much relative damage, how much absolute damage, how many crit shots landed, how many misses, strongest enemy defeated and so on. I would also like to access to such stats from the barracks. Is this possible to mod in such a feature, at least for XCOM?
3) I'd like to restore the old vanilla psi recruiting system where you have first to find soldiers that have the "gift" and only afterwards train them in their psychic abilities. I prefer that way because it makes psi powers more hidden, they are something you have to discover, I like the concept of the "gift" for unique candidates. Besides, I feel that Annette and the Furies can be a little lackluster or less important storywise if I already trained a lot of talented psi soldiers before getting them. Do you know if there is a way to edit this thing, that would not require to restart the campaign?



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