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kotor 2 pc xbox controller ui


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is their anyway to mod or trick the game into thinking its the console port of the game?

i played kotor 1 and 2 all the time on console and when i got to pc i thought it would be more the same. bbut oh boy was i wrong,

the action menu interface is split into 2 parts instead of being all together, making it hard to switch between combat abilities and buffs causing issues like activating a healing stim when your really wanted to flurry attack becuase you didnt press B to leave that bar, the new controller layout is atrocious and annoying to use where triggers are useless any every button feels misplaced.


i would play it with mouse and keyboard, but from coming right from the console version of kotor 1 to play kotor 2 on pc is a migraine unto its self

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The PC controls are far better then the console ones. Honestly I suggest sticking it out and learning it as once you get it down it's pretty easy. I remember coming from console and playing games I used to play again on PC and finding it awkward but it passes once you get used to it. Also the controller should work perfectly fine on PC on the Steam version... did for me at least.

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