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(MOD)How To Make Each Empire Truly Unique?


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I'm trying to make a mod where each of the 3 Calradic Empires have their own units and feel unique.


In my attempt, I created a duplicate of the empire culture list in "spcultures", renamed the ID and name to "empire1" just for testing purposes, and changed the unit and elite unit to the aserai ones(again, also just for testing purposes).

Then I proceeded to go to the file "spkingdoms" and in the first one, that's respective to the Northern Empire, where it says "culture="Culture.empire"" I changed it to "culture="Culture.empire1"". Then I went to the "settlements" file, and changed "Varagos Castle" and "Varagos" from "culture="Culture.empire"" to "culture="Culture.empire1"". Only changed these two for testing purposes as well.


I then proceeded to start a new campaign in the game but it crashed as it loaded the culture selection menu of character creation.


What did I do wrong?

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