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Hello from a student researcher!


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Hello everyone,


My name is Josh Astbury and I’m a student at the TH Köln, a university in Germany. As the headline says, I’m undertaking a research project analysing the modding community’s opinion on previous and current industry attempts to monetise mods.


Before I open any new threads, I wanted to reach out to the moderation team to seek clarification if there were any further guidelines to the ones already available that I should abide by. Unfortunately, the Moderation Team link at the bottom of the forums doesn’t work, so can anyone point me towards someone who could answer this for me?


A bit about me, I’m very much an amateur modder but I am a massive user of mods and have loved exploring Nexus for the next interesting addition to my games for years. Incidentally, Nexus and the community here is what inspired my current research project.


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I reported your post with a note that I was reporting so that your request for info gets noticed (not because you've done anything wrong). It's quite possible that a post in Newbies won't be noticed by a moderator otherwise. Good luck with your research.


- Edit - If nobdy contacts you I'd suggest you send a private message (PM) to Pickysaurus.

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Hello youg3 (oder sollte ich besser "Hallo youg3" sagen?)


Its better when the others can unterstand me in this threat, so that everyone can discuss together I will continue to write in english. I am modding Fallout 4 for 4 years now, so my case deals with the policy of Bethesda. Bethesda does the Creation Club Mods sometimes in cooperation with other creators. In short, I have to say that I am quite willing to spend money on modifications, because these peoples put alot of work and time into such a project.


The long answer is very complicated. To understand the anger of the Bethesda community you have to watch the games yourself. To date, these have bugs that have not been fixed. Bethesda is therefore very dependent on the modders who correct these mistakes and improve immersion. I would even say that I would never have played Fallout 4 for so long if it had not this option. As far as fixing Bugs and Errors is concerned, you shouldnt ask for any money at all, actually it should be a matter of course for a triple a title that the product should be delivered to the customer as error-free as possible, this is not the case. I dont mind if they add weapons or objects which you can use to customize your house in Fallout 4. But the quality of the affordable mods is worse than the free mods and they are also completely overpriced. You can find them in the most cases here for free. With such a policy, you should leave this business model.


I hope thats enough for you as an argument. If you have any further questions, I will be happy to answer them for you.


LG Ad Principium

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Massive thank you to @AdPrincipium and @Oblivionaddicted! I'm planning on opening a thread over the next couple of days calling for voluntary interviewees to essentially have a conversation about this topic and their opinion. I'll keep you both in mind and update this newbie thread with a link to the new one once it's live.

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Tried doing your survey but the selections don't seem to be accepted (i.e. nothing shows in the tick box when selected).

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