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Hi. I have been playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt since it was released five years ago. It kept coming back to me especially after the announcement of the Netflix series project, and the released of the Henry Cavill mod had cemented my decision to play it once more with Geralt now in the image of that fine British actor.

Mind me that I am also an avid fan of Skyrim SE modded games. Mine is so heavily modded that the game had crashed so many times and I have lost counts on how many times I have re-downloaded it from Steam. The thing here is I really enjoyed playing them as it has:


1. ) mods with holidays (Open Cities)

2.) The system has a workers' union that sees none of the NPC (traders) working overtime. Normally the stores would opened from 8:00am until 6:00pm.

3.) mods where NPC would take cover whenever there is a weather situation like rain, thunderstorm or an attack from a dragon or vampires (mod: Run for your life).

4.) There is a time for curfew as well where all NPC would go into their houses or taverns after 6:00pm and comes out after 8:00am.

5.) Campfire, where it has a complete camping mod instead of meditating.


I know it is impossible. Maybe the system is a lot different from Skyrim SE but can it be done?

Will any of the The Witcher 3 / Skyrim SE modders takes the challenge?


Skyrim SE is a lot more livelier than before. I even used the Conan Hyborian Age mod to make it more interesting with my character in the image of the Austrian Oak, yes, the former mayor of California.


Thank you.

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