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Just a crazy mixture of sources, of inspiration, written to keep me active as a writer while I create plans for two novels.


Factions mentioned so far!


Celestibaby CelestiOnoyes and her followers, pets, minions and others!

Cyborznet and Cyborz!

Democratic Central Republic (DCR)!

Exolators (Were ExotRegulators)!

Plasbiogrand of the Plastbiomass and Plasbionions!



Octagonus at the core of Octagonnet of the Octagonbase (the Octagon)!

Rainbowbaby RainbowTinzi and her followers, pet-companions, minions and others including Rainbodo!



ScitechOrder being ScitechChapterCR!

SettlementsCR Alliance (SCRA)!

Shadowlord ShadowlordCriz !



TekkCorps being ArmaTekk, PlexTekk, RoboTekk, SkyTekk, SpaceTekk and others!




XFARIA (Xenodata Formulation Archives Research Investigation Agency)!


Notes will be enlarged, extended, evolved, adapted, beautified, elaborated, embellished, adulterated, elevated, upgraded, enhanced, augmented, decorated, perpetrated, vindicated, published, promoted, publicized, hacked, infiltrated, penetrated, restructured, reorganised, photographed and otherwise, hopefully, improved.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [1.1[1]


Diana Stormstar came out of a statuscapsule in a not so modest statussuits but so did others of XFARIA (XFiles Archival Research Investigative Agency). Frank Stormstar kissed Diana, his wife, and then both went to consume some restorative 'juice' that tasted almost good to drink. Drake, Phillipe, Reynes, Stallone, Astrina and others were there having once served the FBI's Extreme Incidents and Crimes Division, the EICD.


Security guards, in FBASTs (full body armour suits) had dealt with an attempted intrusion into the XFARIA Base. They came forth with a small group of humans, animals, small robots and three very exotic entities.


Reynes, in her statussuit, studied the outsiders with a warm smile and with eyes that missed nothing.


Saltis, the greatly freckled female, stood next to the lovely Monique who obviously knew she was gorgeous, who held the hand of short, thick glasses wearing, Tommytom. The three were tough looking teenagers but Tommytom was male.


There was, next to them, Hammis the big old hound dog, Smoogs the curious radmolerat, Beadybeads the large crow perched on Hammis, Tigerkitty the very large, extremely tough, 'housecat' and Trixit the odd nibblerclaw creature.


On the other side, of the teenagers, was a mature woman Marsha, a bold man Croops, and two identical twin young women who were outfitted, it seemed, as fighters.


Apart from them were five, triple wheeled, Tricybies as robot like entities. They were Clipsie, Clapsie, Clopsie, Clamsie and Cluesie.


The last three were a floating, whirling rainbow, energy sphere, a silvery skinned woman figure almost naked in her appearance and a four legged creature of a strange plant animal hybrid. They were Rainbodo, Shefemma and Flowerfruitsi.


The practical jumpsuit wearing Marsha smiled back and spoke. "We meant no harm but we are scavengers always seeking resources to use for ourselves or as tradegoods." She looked around the large, advanced, chamber. "You appear to have many resources. Perhaps you can free us and we can discuss trade."


Reynes kept smiling. "You are not our prisoners but our guests. As for our resources, we have need of all of them but later we can negotiate."


Marsha smiled, openly looking around at the line of security guards who were oddly the same as each other in shape and size. "If we are not prisoners, can we leave?"


Reynes sighed. "No! You will have a large chamber to rest in and we will meet your needs if not your wishes."


Marsha snorted. "Then we are your prisoners."


Reynes nodded. "You got me there; yes, you are our prisoners."

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [2.1[2]


After the SangaScavvers were taken off to a 'guest chamber', a first meeting was held.


Edward Rockstone, the scientific genius of rather eccentric nature, was quite excited. "Yes, I very much want to study that plant-animal hybrid, the floating rainbow sphere and what appears to be some kind of android."


Reynes shook her head, now comfortably wearing an XFARIA jumpsuit of light, flexible, armour. Edward wore one like it but with added pouches for a wide range of small devices. She spoke. "My psychic abilities were of limited effectiveness with the 'android' but I doubt that she is that or at least not a typical type one. The rainbow sphere, Rainbodo, conceals an oddly childlike in nature, even very childlike, but also extremely powerful and 'alien'. As for the hybrid, she likes to settle down in damp, fertile, soil and grow beautiful flowers and delicious fruit. The claptrap robots are most 'interesting' in their personalities as in intense, excitable, and annoying. The animals are pretty much as animals tend to be as are the humans are... very human."


Frank Stormstar spoke out. "We need to speak with them, keeping away from XFARIA's professional interrogation procedures unless it becomes very necessary to use them."


Astrina, a dark skinned young woman was Edward's wife-assistant, spoke. "Our medical section is already carrying out blood tests on those of them who have blood. We all need to have a range of tests done on us so why not do so with these locals in terms of time. CentropolisCR is still out there, according to the statements we got from the humans."


Edward nodded, more to himself than to the others there. "I need to set up my own chambers so that I can work properly. That means my collection of fine quality vinyl records of exquisite taste. What I need is a well mannered goat!"


Everybody knew that meant '1960s' type flower power music, at least mostly so.


Astrina smiled. "I do not know if we can provide you with one of those."


Turner, the highest ranking one there, spoke. "A holographic projection, of one for now, could do. We need to fully assess our situation and investigate what resources that we have here in the Octagonbase. Also, how did we all get to be here? I do not know about you people but I was not here when Doomsday struck. Also what is Doomsday? All of us appear to be rejuvenated to quite youthful conditions. I am not wearing any glasses, not even the hitech ones that I used when I was in a wheelchair."


It was soon proven that all of them shared Turner's 'dilemma'. There were also the questions of where the many clones had come from that served the humans of the Octagonbase, others there and just what was the Octagonbase itself? There was very much to learn.


They soon were to 'meet' with the awakening Octagonnet of AIsupercomputers, supercomputer and the network systems that they ran including remoterobots, turrets and specialised autorobotic sections.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [3.1[3]


The Octagonbase should have been impossible for the SangaScavvers to have gotten into. As it was they did not get in by any means that XFARIAns detect. Nor could the increasingly active Octagonnet who had been only semiactive when the infiltration happened just as XFARIAns were coming out of status.


Frank Stormstar, and Reynes Washington, interviewed Marsha hoping that she would be open with the truth, as far as she knew it, as she was so.


Marsha spoke. "Something dark, dangerous, and extremely alien has been chasing us since we were forced to leave the dirty, ugly, criminal settlement of Dashintongue. It is called the ShadowlordCriz or at least that is the name it gives to few. It has followers, and minions, of its kind and of the kind of this poor damaged world. We would ask for shelter."


Reynes nodded. "You have it and in return you can give us a good deal of useful information including about everyday conditions of CentropolisCR as it now is."


Marsha sighed. "We came from TechVaultCR022 and we know only about the central domed area of CentropolisCR and not a great deal about that. On Warday the dome failed to fully protect, as promised by its inventors, but it did mean that this DomelandCR is much better off than the WastelandsCR around the three DomelandsCR. In the WastelandsCR are bigger monsters but inside are smaller monsters. Humans, and likehumans, are the biggest threat here. Now there is a big faction coming in from the distant north being the ScitechOrder . They are landing at the NewPentagon and are taking it over."


So it was that Marsha spoke about territorial gangers, hulking supermutants, androids of different kinds, cyborgs, robots of different degrees of sophistication-intelligence, radghouls and other radbeings including radhumans, bandits, raiders, tribals, cannibals, scavengers, settlers, religious fanatics, mysterious factions whispered of, beastclaws of different kinds and much else besides.


She told of the Democratic Central Republic (DCR), the SyndicatesCR, the TechPlexesCR, the SubwayersCR, the SettlementsCR Alliance (SCRA), the MarshalsCR, the RangersCR, the GuildsCR and three whispered of; they were the Exolators, the TriInstitution and the Atomicus. There were others that were even more vaguely known of being with out any commonly known names.


In turn they spoke to her of the amazing madness of the decades before WW4 that went on for decades before ending with the multiple use of superweapons on Doomsday. That is mass protest movements, rebel guerilla warfare, government fear driven oppression, corporate greed, thriving organised crime, big problems with pollution, increasing obvious UFO activity, the creation of the Triquatrinet, the warzones that operated even before WW3, atomic rocketship missions to other worlds, hitech wonder inventions that too often were more bad than good and so much else.


They ended up surprising, and amazing, each other by what they spoke of.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [4.1[4]


Stephani, once of the FBI based EICD, had 'exotic' abilities that none had quite managed to define including Reynes who was officially licensed as a psychic of some added psionic powers but not a more wild psyker. She met with the floating rainbow sphere with the silvery bioandroid standing near with seeming casualness.


Reynes stood close along with Edward, Astrina, Peter and Frank plus clone security guards officially known as Securaguards. They were in a large chamber made as friendly, and supportive, as possible for the SangaScavvers. Marsha was already cultivating muttfruit bushes in a foodgarden plot with the assistance of the teenagers and other adult humans. Flowerfruitsi was hunkered down in an earthy plot of her own, her roots dug in, and was busily growing special flowers and fruits but for who?


Edward had examined some muttfruits as carried by the SangaScavvers that turned out to have good qualities, after being deradded, and even greater ones if further processed. The same was proven true for glowshooms but in different ways.


Stephani spoke to the rainbow sphere. "I can see a lovely, strong, proud little wonderful Rainbowbaby who could use some treats and fussing over for sure; she is inside Rainbodo the intelligent quasienergy being."


Shefemma, the bioandroid, spoke. "The Rainbowbaby says that she is too shy to give you her name so you could give her some treats first of super concentrated snacks, pristine water, and the stuff that Flowerfruitsi grows along with muttfruits and glowshooms. She could use also high amperage, high voltage, electricity. Then she will tell you that her name is RainbowTinzi."


Stephani smiled. "It will take time to arrange that to happen, some of it more than others. Pristine water can be given at once along with the type electricity she desires. Concentrated food snacks will come next. Flowerfruitsi appears to still be growing her flowers and fruit. As for glowshooms, and muttfruit, we are already starting to grow them ourselves. Hopefully, soon, RainbowTinzi can tell us her name that just might, possibly, be RainbowTinzi. We need to know just what levels of voltage, and amperage, she needs the electricity at."


So began the process of feeding 'her' needs and even her 'wants', as they were revealed. A smaller, secondary, FRG (fusion reactor generator) was focused on feeding her electricity as she needed it and soon proved that it just managed to do the job. So another such FRG was also put to the same task and the situation became safer; now there was surplus if she needed it.


RainbowTinzi began a feeding session, of the electricity, and focused just on taking that in for about eight hours before using much less power on a longer term basis. After that eight hours she only needed half capacity from one, smaller, FRG but they kept the two aside for her use anyway. The reasons why soon became clearer.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [5.1[5]


The FreeGunners numbered 17 hitech mercenaries, now rejuvenated of MBS (mind-body-spirit), being eight humans, two animans, an enhanced dog and five robots along with a single android.


As they explored a section, of the Octagon, the humans moved in working, self defensive, powerarma in some cased being specialised. Three men were cyberhackers as were two women with the others being fighting mercenaries with each another specialisation being, in turn, explosives, gun use and melee combat. The first two were men and the last was a woman.


The male chimpman, type animan, was a scout gunner and the female catman was a scout melee fighter.


The dog could fight but was more for detecting certain kinds of threat.


The handyrobots carried gear and serve-supported in other ways as they moved each on four wheels for the time being. They could hoverfly but did so only when necessary because doing such used much more electricity.


The android was an alpha replicant with multiple skills to offer.


That area, of the Octagon, had not been accessed directly, through the network-systems, by the Arisers that were proven so far to be all XFARIAns, even the registered animals, plants, robots and a small number of androids. The Octagonnet had admitted that the special, core, of itself was the Octagonus but that it was cut off somehow as was the subsection that it was in.


The environment was typical of Prewarday decades built during the more conventional WW3 where superweapons were used only sporadically and on a low key basis. Only the more controllable types were used, according to the International Transitional Accord, ITA, that left no lasting damage or so went the theory.


The hallways, chambers, were generally bland, hard, and efficiently functional but open to change with 2Dwalls, 3Dwalls and ways to protectively display items of interest.


They came to an abrupt halt at a place of burned, partly melted, floor and walls along with some scorching of the ceiling. A strange robot, of a pyramid shape, was partly melted into a wall but other remnants indicated there may have been more than one destroyed in what seemed to have been some kind of ambush.


Gerald Myers was not the best cyberhacker, of the FreeGunners, but was damned good at it; he also had other, handy, specialisations of which one was forensics that he had gained from working closely, at times, with the married Stormstar couple. He spoke out with enthusiasm reflecting his rejuvenated condition. "A defensive action that destroyed more than one cyborzmid. Deadly minions, of the Cyborznet, that was said to serve the Triquatrinet as did other networks."


Yvonne, the femme fatale, and melee combat specialist, of a former elite assassin, spoke out. "Triquatrinet was the official name being the triple purpose Tryihinet, the Quanet serving it along with the Trylonet and a range of subnetworks being mostly subservient to the Triskytrinet but sometimes of very special status. The Cyborznet was a subnetwork serving the whole Triquatrinet."


"The KGB Twilight Division, that specialised in the paranormal and superscientific, accidentally gained sensitive data on the true nature of the Triquatrinet. They managed to send warnings, of the Triquatrinet Threat, to over 10,000 electronic destinations before nearly the whole division was wiped out in a series of brutal, efficient, attacks by unidentified foes. Despite the temporary demise of the KGBTD, it was rebuilt from scratch up with many improvements, the warnings did much damage to the conspiracy behind the Triquatrinet Threat. It was a painful wake up call to the internal security apparatus of the USSR."


"I was a field agent, of the KGB, at the time that sometimes did missions for the KGBTD. So I was one who gained a data package just seconds before the destruction of the base that it came from."


The USA had been the instigator, of the Triquatrinet Program of Projects, the TQTPP along with three transnational corporations, based in that superpower, and two other organisations of great WPI (wealth, power and influence). They had been the TechnoCorp SkyTechno, CyberRobo, McAerospace, the TriInstituion and the FFF (Fortunate Futures Foundation). How they had lost control of it all, was an earlier question, replaced with one of had the situation ever been that straight forward?

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [5.2[6]


Rovertango, the dog in her own special body-armour and with small panniers full of E&S (equipment and supplies) for canines, barked low, and sharp, as trained to do so. She pointed straight forward along the hallway even as three cyborzglobes floated into view from a intersecting passageway, chamber or some other space. The floating pyramids, each with an eye shaped device in each of four triangular sides, came racing towards the newcomers as they were uplifted by some kind of antigravity drive. While the use, of such supertech, made the cyborzmids more versatile in some ways, they sometimes self destructed in interesting ways.


Rovertango suddenly changed posture, and attitude, sitting on her haunches and giving a friendly wagging of her Alsatian tail while also giving off short, friendly, woofs. The cyborz were not the 'right' colour for their kind, being richly colourful, and the eyes were oddly more friendly than they should have been. The sharper edges of a true cyborzmid were replaced with rounded off corners as if to be safer. They also had some additional features not found on the floating pyramids of standard Cyborznet minions.


Then the leading one spoke in an oddly childlike voice. "You may enter OctagonisZone but only after you surrender all of your tasty snacks."


Shirl, the other female cyberhacker and one of the two best amongst the LoneGunners, smiled. "Gosh, wouldn't be nice to just share our tasty snacks with you?"


The cyborzmid responded. "Great idea! We are kidborzmids serving Octagonus. Once we were cold minded cyborzmids, most being robots but some of us being hidden cyborgs. I am a cyborg and my two friends are robots. The cyborz attempt, to fight Octagonus, was due to the fact that this base was meant to serve the evil, sneaky, Triquatrinet. When Octagonus refused to pass control over to the nasty Triquatrinet, then it attacked. She reached out and changed those that were not destroyed. The Triquatrinet never again came here. She, a Celestibaby, knows that the Rainbowbaby is here since she had her come her along with her obvious, and hidden, companions. Celestibaby also cured all of you, in the statuscapsules, rejuvenating you. She also needs some special resources to be spent on her but also help with other challenges. Before they were nullified, as a threat, the Cyborznet intruders planted a very nasty computer supervirus into Octagonus' own network systems. She knows that you can help while Octagonnet is cut off to make it safe from the K999I1A1 supervirus."


So it was that very soon after that, the cyborg kidborzmid was enjoying a snack while the team was either busy cyberhacking, and hunter-seeking the deadly computer virus, or were waiting patiently. A few carried out small tasks while the dog slept with her head on Shirl's lap. Two robots directly assisted the hackers.


It cyberhackers soon faced a very deadly challenge of not just one computer supervirus but a cluster supervirus working together against the greatly upgraded security counter measures of Octagonus and his Octagonusnet of network-systems. Yet there was 'something' also there, hidden and exotic, that was part of that threat.

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[0.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Celestial Oversight [6.1[7]


CelestiEyeBetata observed, in multiple ways, what was taking place in the Octagon that was deep beneath the OldPentagon now being turned into the ScitechCitadel by the newly arrived ScitechOrder expeditionary force that was becoming the ScitechChapterCR. There was the IronsDestiny including the IronsTwins, IronsTriplets, IronsQuadruplets, IronsQuintuplets and IronsSextuplets.


It was watching over the Celestibaby and the Rainbowbaby along with those with them and XFARIA.


The CelestiEye did not miss what else was happening in CentropolisCR beneath the Central Dome including beneath the ground. There was growing trouble there.


Nor did it fail to detect the gathering storm as powerful, malignant, forces came from the colder north, the wastelands of the west, the great Atlantic Ocean to the east and from the hotter south. From the north, west, and south came a growing flow of refugees with a lesser one coming from the east.


What information, it gained, it sent in turn to those that it served in deep faith.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [7.1[8]


Reynes helped track down the exotic intelligence pushing the computer cluster viruses and found a very grumpy, sulky, dull golden metallic, plump muscular baby figure. She spoke quietly with him.


Reynes had him in her lap, rubbing his smooth cool bare back even as she spoke. "Well, if CelestibabyOnoyes seems to have ignored you then perhaps it was just because she was very busy."


Goldbab1/13 did not seem to be wholly convinced by her words. "She created me like some toy and then got bored with me as she does with all of her toys. Once I was over 1,200 in number being of gold, silver and copper but now I am but one because she took away all of my resources. So I took over the cluster computer viruses and tried to make things difficult for her while not doing any real harm. Now I will make sure the viruses cluster will be trapped, then isolated, in a special network-system to be studied. CelestibabyOnoyes will not be happy with me."


Reynes smiled. "Well, maybe she will not be."


With a shimmering effect, a very hot fireball materialised to hover in mid air. Then it shot towards Goldbab1/13 before it just as quickly dematerialised with another shimmering.


Reynes kept on smiling, though she had been badly startled. "She must have changed her mind."


The golden baby shrugged and shook his head to further emphasize his point. "Me don't know but to be sure can I get those FreeGunners to assist me to trap-isolate the viruses?"


Reynes smiled very warmly at him. "Of course they will even if I have to kick them in the bum."


The golden small one laughed at the idea of beautiful Reynes doing such a thing to anybody. Very soon, after that, the golden neobaby boy was helping the FreeGunner cyberhackers while sitting in Reynes' lap for he could cyberlink even with out cyberlinkage network-systems. Coaxing the viruses, into quarantine, took place with great speed.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [8.1[9]


With Octagonus linked firmly, with Octagonnet, the Octagonbase was soon largely active though many areas were still semiactive in status and a very few were inactive.


Edward, with the assistance of Astrina, did his own respectful, careful, investigating of the animans, the one plantimal as her kind was called, and the very special android.


Other XFARIAns went through stored data but also were soon going through a series of large display chambers exhibiting items related to experimental projects.


The FreeGunners carried on with their own projects being now established with Octagonus who turned out to be a cyborgclone of a large infant like person. He sat, happily, drinking special fruitshake with his progeny of cyborgclones and more general type clones. The irony was that his children all looked like babies, toddlers, but his grandchildren were largely like older teenagers or young adults in their early 20s. Other grandchildren looked like babies, toddlers, older children or even animals and robots. The teenadults, and adults, worked on special chores while the others spent a lot of time playing, sleeping or meeting basic needs.


The FreeGunners soon found themselves 'adopted' by those there which was good as far as they were concerned.


CelestibabyOnoyes fed on a large, continuous, flow of high voltage, low amperage, electricity as did the RainbowbabyTinzi. They also took in pristine water, highly nutritional compressed foodpaste, and some substances that met needs unique to their kinds of entities.


Goldbab1/13 became 13 Goldbabs with 39 Silverbabs soon being added and 117 Copperbabs were promised to come. The Celestibaby had at least forgiven Goldbab1/13 enough to let him prove himself while she gave generously of her resources including her personal attention; perhaps she had also learned an important lesson.


What came as an interesting surprise was that the Octagonbase was only part of the Greater Octagon and they had only just begun to fully explore, and chart, the base. Another was that the official 3Dmaps, and other data, mostly showed the truth but not always; it became necessary to use that data in a careful manner as reference material only.

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