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Notes that will be edited, extended and hopefully improved.

Noted Factions, Great and Small! Also locations, some being also factions related.


13Chosen13x13 being named so far as Jesdha, Marsha of the SangaScavvers, the MaishanQuins ,


Antidimensionites being 'reversed' rogue Dimensionites. Antimimicites and Antiblackgloites are two examples of those always negative karmic, evil, entities. Mystery was what created, creates, such entities though it is feared that the Malignamasta, also known as the GreatEnemy, is behind it along with much else.


Atomicus Templedom of the Knights, Followers and Children of Atomica, Atomice, Atomici, Atomico and Atomicu being AtomDemigod Followers of the Great Atomicus Pantheon of AtomGods. The Fissionifusioni Faith of distorted pseudosciencentific worship of fission, fusion and related technologies imbued with twisted religious theological philosophies.


Bearclaven of the Bearclaves of the Arctic supercontinent of at least half ice. Part of the Grandclaven.


Bethebastada Gaming Production and Testing Complex, the BGPTC or the Begaprotestcom.

Known to be infested with monstrous mutiradbugs.


Blooded Five Families of living vampire cannibals.


Brownstone Family, Cratertown

Brownstone Goods and Services, Ashton and Avaria Brownstone.

Caria, Daria, Maria, Saria, Taria and Varia Brownstone of the Excellent Inventive Goods Emporium, the EIGE.

Professor Patrick Brownstone of the Big Fuselage Laboratory Workshop being based in a section of a lightly crash landed, monstrously sized, rocketplane.


CelestiOnoyes RainbowTinzi Centered CelestiRainbowFollowship in CelestiRainbowHome.

Celestibabys and Rainbowbabies.

Celestifollowers and Rainbowfollowers

Celestiminions and Rainbowminions

Celestial and Rainbow related others.

*RainbowAcci, RainbowEcci, RainbowIcci, RainbowOcci, RainbowUcci.

*RainbowTraki, RainbowTreki, RainbowTriki, RainbowTroki and RainbowTruki

CelestiYanroa and CelestiOanroi being hateful sister Celestigoddesses of CelestiOnoyes; they are older than she but less powerful and 'gifted' with far less potential than her. After betraying CelestiOnoyes that have been forced to become ever fleeing-hiding rogues.


Centrogon Military Command, Administration, PR, Archives, Museum etc.


Centrolis3DPBT (3D Public Broadcasting Tower) of 3DTV, 3Dradio and 3Dcable Services.


CentroMall of CentroMonuments, CentroGardens, CentroMuseums, CentroArchives, CentroGalleries, CentroDome, CentroTower, CentroArcadia, CentroNetwork (mostly underground) and more.


CentroCastle: The heavily fortified PrimePresident's working residence of CentropolisCR.


ConglomerateCR of the 10HighFamilies, the SyndicatesCR and the GangstersCR.

10HighTowers (settlement actually has 22 towers but 10 are occupied by the 10HighFamilies).


Cratertown being an DRCR (see below) settlement based on three very big, smooth bowl disintegrated craters whose hard surfaces were slowly, steadily and patiently worked on to allow for drainage, tunneling and other important construction to be carried out. One massive atomic powered rocketplane of lightly crash landed with its resources being used over the centuries. One subway transport hub station. One military bunker complex with some unusual features.


Cyborgperium of cyborgmans, cyborgnoids, cyborgdrones and other cyborgni. Special human clone cyborgs, being mostly clone.


Cyborzperium of cyborzdrones, cyborzjets, cyborzdroids, cyborznoids and other serving cyborzor. Hybrid human-alien clone cyborgs, being most cybernetics.


Democratic Central Republic (DCR), DR Parliament, DR Government of Ministries of Departments

Settlements Network CR (DCRSN) DCRGuardia, DCR Law Enforcers CR (DCRLE), DCRGuilds, DCROrders, DCRUniversity, DCR Faith and Service CR (DCRFS) and DeepRegulatorsCR etc.

DCRgov is based primarily in Quadtowertown.

DCRGuardia (DCRG) has many smaller outposts but only a few, larger, forts across the DCRSN.

DCRLE based across the DCRSN as Sheriff Offices, Marshals, Rangers and Swattacks.

GuildsCR are based primarily in Quadtowertown.

DCROrders are based in Quadtowertown and primarily in the settlement of Orderstown.

DCRUniversity is based primarily in Quadtowertown.

DeepRegulatorsCR (DRegsCR) are based primarily in a hidden Central HQ being DRegsHQ1.





DizzibroWorldCR! Production studio complexes, museums, gardens, shelters, administration etc. Populated by five factions including the criminally insane Dizzyguru Following.


Dizzywizzyland Theme Park of 13 Theme Zones and 13 Specialty Zones.

13 Theme Zones:

Pirate, Fantasy, Medieval, Roman, Wild West, Oriental, Arabian, Jungle, Scifi, Gangster, Dizzywizzytown, Adult Casino Town, Adult Erotica Gardens and Adult Fight Arena.

13 Specialty Zones:

Cultural, Carnival Games, Administration, Staff, Commercial, Research Development, Security, Safety, Tech Service Support, Personal Service Support, Recruitment, Public Relations and Training.

13 whispered about 'secret zones'.


Eagleclaven of the two Eagleclaves of Calibraska of North West Centralia. Part of the Grandclaven.


FindaSeeka being FindaSeekars of Saraa, Sarae, Sarai, Sarao, Sarau, Dawn, Venger, Polabe, Redsmith, (others to be added).


GloryParadise, settlement based on the old GloryParadise Hotel Shopping Casino Theatre Resort Complex.






Ironsides Mercenary Cooperative based in Fortress Freedom.


Jesdha and his family, friends and followers. Jesdha is a behamoth hulktant as is Lilly, his adopted daughter.


Lillyland of Homecaverns of which one is Lillycavern where Lilly dances before gathered crowds.


Mutigelclans (Mutigeltants Clans).

ScitechplexCR083 based Mutigelclans.


Nazzins - Nizzans


Orbisquadnet with the Orbisnet directing-coordinating-supervising the Earthseanet, Aerospacenet, Deepspacenet and Miscelnet (Miscellaneous Network). Unnamed Shadownet. Orbisclaven!?


PlasutonNet of PlasutonMentality directing-coordinating-supervising PlasutonMinds being both subdivided into PlasutonSubminds with PlasutonSemiminds directly linking PlasutonMinds while PlasutonDemiminds acted as PlasutonMinds but in a lesser, more numerous, fashion.


Quadimodubots. Eccentric robots of mysterious origin and technological make having AI personalities designed to make them more interestingly individualistic but instead makes them highly annoying.




Raiderlords of Raiderpacks being brutal, superdrug addicted, mutiraiders of mutigeltants, mutiman and mutihumans etc.


ScitechCorps created Scitechplexes of the Scitech PlexCorp. It is unknown if any of the ScitechCorps have survived.


Scitechdom of ScitechOrderhood and ScitechChapterCR

Quinkars of Findkars of base research, Seekkars of field missions seeking special goals, Supserkars of service-support, Comkars of command-administration and Forcekars of protection and field combat.

ScitechOutcastsCR, ScitechMisfitsCR, ScitechHoodCR etc.




Tacticacorp Mercenary Corporation based in Fortress Patriot.




TriInstitute Infiltrator Androihunter Androiseeker Force sent from the TriInstitution in NewBritain.


UnderUnion, of the Underworld, of the Radghoulified being based beneath one of the CentroMall Museums.


UrbanRangers based mainly in Centropolis Luxury Gardens Circuit.


Vengencers: superheroes and superantiheroes along with their followers and minions.

Massatrio or Massaman of Massalow, Massamid, Massahigh.

Widowers of Widowman, Widowwoman, Widowboy and Widowgirl.




(others to be added to and changed)


Vengers Bounty-Hunters.


Westwing Family, Cratertown, being scribes, teachers, tutors, writers, scholars, journalists...

Lucybell Westwing as a freelance journalist.

Yayekdominateum of Yayeki (Yayeks in smaller groups and Yayek as singular), Yayekbots, Yayekdroids, Yayekpuppets and more such as Yayekclones of Yayekmans and Yayektors. There are also Yayekmotes 'roboremotes' and heavy duty Yayetrons.



Ziziane ETs along with their ziziaboms, zizinoids, zizimans, zizidrone and zizibots.

Zizitop is in command.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [1.1[1]


Major Saraa Maishan crouched, as gunfire thundered, and cursed softly. FindaSeekana, officially of 13 types of unit, was a large taskforce that should have reached the SteyelCitadel where the SteyelMisfitsDC were waiting for them to arrive. Instead they had been ambushed by a motley alliance of local bandits, gangers and a variety of others. The elite FindaSeekars had quickly discovered the ambush but the locals knew the terrain much better.


Steyel was a supertech invention of an amazing smart steel alloy of impressive super steel strength, self repairing ability that was very hard to work with.


She spoke to Venger, her second in command as Majotain that was a rank created between Warday and Doomsday. Venger thought it sounded stupid and Saraa did not care. "I thought at first that somebody tipped them off but they seem to be surprised by our special forces capacities and our hihitech." She was in powerarma, as were the others, being assault powerarma. So far the enemy had proven only to have a few scrap powerarmasuits and they were clearly in need of repair.


Saraa had sent out orders for her people to take it only 'moderately hard' on the enemy, letting them take up their wounded and dropped gear. Soon the enemy were allowing the FindaSeekana to do the same. Her four sisters, and other Captains, had made sure that the orders had been kept and the great majority of lesser ranks had gone along for Saraa's reputation was very strong. The ambushers had mistaken FindaSeekana for another faction.


Captain Sarai's Findaoptats had slipped in amongst the local population. Smartly they had not pretended to be locals but to be mercenaries come across the RiverDC from the south, seeking currencies and goods for themselves and their people. Trouble was stirring in CentropolisCR and trouble attracted mercenaries like flies to corpses.


They were at the edges of the bigger LostCentropolis; that is what was left of the nuked city even with fix up work that took place between 1945AA's Warday and 2055AA's Doomsday. Warday had ended GreatWarOne, with over a dozen nuclear bombs being dropped, while Doomsday had ended GreatWarTwo with far more devastation.


Sarai had reported that locals feared mutigeltants and, having fought varieties of them before, well knew how dangerous that they were. From the hulking humanoids of hulkmutants, to the zytants and beasttants, they had proven to be hard enemies with some odd weaknesses. Fearful locals, being fringe settlers, had spoken of rumours of new types of hulktants but also other 'things' supporting them.


MutiMarshal Smashbang was reported to be leading a mutigeltant army, from the massive ScitechplexCR383, deep beneath Ironstone Mountain, but the feared mutigeltant force was one commanded by the criminally insane CrushMarshal Crushkill. Were the two marshals serving the same faction; it seemed doubtful as they had clashed quickly, but terribly, with each other before parting ways. Then again, they were hulktants and the Mutigelclans (Mutigeltant Clans) were hardly known for being friendly to each other even when supposedly on the same side.


Sarai had not been able to confirm that the ambush had been set up for the CrushMarshal's forces that were said to be brutally savage, even for hulktants, but also of barely ordered chaos when it came to disciplined organisation. They were greatly feared but known to have glaring weaknesses that could be exploited.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [1.2[2]


As it grew darker, with both coming night and a rainstorm, the Findamand (FindaSeeka Command) unit moved into the better concealment, and shelter, of a smartmaterials made diner. SeekaFindaneers (SeekaFinda Engineers) used portable high jacks to make it more sturdy and then added some armour plating along with buffering layers. Saraa was soon involved in 'negotiating' with the local alliance using 2way radio on tight beam.


Saraa: "Your people have picked up on the approach of Crushkill's horde! What direction are they coming from?"


The man who called himself Yural. "From the west. The cunning leader managed to come around us and are preparing to hit them from there. We could protect your rear?"


Saraa: "What an interesting plan that is. The only problem is that you are lying. Crushkill's forces are coming from the north-east-east. You would pull away your weak protection and have us, and that mutigeltant force, destroy each other. Then you could loot the remains. Your mind is cunning and shallow."


Yural snorted. "Can't blame me for trying! You sound like one of those crazy psykers but still you might be able to explain why Crushkill's mutigeltants are weirder than normal, abnormal, mutigeltants. Then there are also those damned shadow things that come when night falls. Maybe its the UV but why don't they just stay underground as the mutiradghouls do?"


Abnormal mutigeltants and shadowy things attacking at night?


Saraa: "We need to study at least one of the weird mutigeltants and it's the same for the shadowy things that might be shadoglolings if they have a strange glow like effect. Otherwise they are most likely less dangerous shadowlings sent to do some spying. Where there are found one, there is often the other. Neither kind of entity is the real ones to fear."


The man screamed in a mixture of terror and agony. Saraa psykersensed him die very quickly. Then came muffled sounds of gunfire, including the use of at least one basic lasergun. After that there was only silence as communications had been cut from the other end.


Saraa spoke to hard, tough, Venger being a man she very much trusted, and respected, but at times needed to keep a tight reign on. "Got that old deepsense feeling that it was all genuine, that it was not contrived. Despite that we will make no assumptions. Our main task to still to get to the SteyelCitadel as soon as we can."


Venger scowled. "I would rather deal with just nasty, stinky, average mutigeltants!"


She nodded. "Yes, at least we then have a better idea of what we are dealing with."


The small, chubby muscular, baby figure was rainbow skin coloured with a pattern that kept changing and wore a Tshirt under a pair of curious old fashioned type overalls. He was bold except for one long, rainbow patterned, hair curled outwards from the center of his head so as to cover more of it. He nodded. "Yes, yes, yes I agree with that very much. My name is RainbowEcci and I am very wonderful lovely but also hungry, thirsty, kissable and huggable."


Saraa nodded. "I am Saraa and you are being very clever in your words." Then she picked him up and gave him a kiss and a huge.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [2.1[3]


Freckled teenager, of pale eurowhite skin, was not what she seemed to be. She was crouched, checking through a cupboard in a 24/7 Franchise Store. The shop had been concealed, sealed off, by collapsing rubble and only the presence of RainbowOcci, as one of the five RainbowCies, had helped the the SangaScavvers get to the shop interior.


Saltis, as in salted with freckles, pulled out an adjustable spanner, a full sealed bottle of cleaning bleach, a partly used roll of duct tape, a partly used roll of paper towels, a dust collector with connected brush, a small damaged cleaning remoterobot, a cardboard box full of electronic bits-pieces, a plastic toy raygunpistol being a water pistol, a small stack of compact newsworthiness, along with some other domestic cleaning stuff.


Saltis, in her bibbob type coveralls, felt a slight tingle run through her body as RainbowOcci materialised on her right shoulder with a soft shimmering; she was a female version of the male RainbowEcci but otherwise close to identical in appearance including her gear. She spoke softly but Saltis heard her clearly with her enhanced senses. RainbowOcci spoke of RainbowEcci meeting Saraa Lyons even as supportive psychic impressions appeared in Saltis' mind.


Saltis starting sorting through the items taken from the cupboard. There were items to be used directly by the group, items to be used as tradegoods and items to be 'sent' to the CRhome (CelestiRainbowHome) via the RainbowCies.


Monique, the gorgeous, was admiring herself in a handmirror or at least she was until Saltis frowned at her. Monique pouted, in a lovely fashion, and went back to searching a cupboard. She brought out a large, wounded, cockroach and it vanished away with a soft sparkling shimmer as it was sent to the CelestiRainbowHome. That sort of action happened quite a lot in a way hard to explain; that is it was not straight forward.


Monique giggled, causing Saltis to wince, and then spoke sweetly. "Oh, how lovely. The little sweetie has been multiplied and is in the Semiwilderness surviving, thriving and giving to the system."


Saltis sighed. "Very good but have you found anything worthwhile?"


Monique pouted at her. "Oh, that's all you care about or at least sometimes I think so." Realising that she might have gone too far with her words, she quickly went on. "Sorry, Saltis sweetie! I got some nice goodies here. Unopened, sealed up tightly, being multipurpose gloves, filtermasks with spare filters, a couple of solidstate electric bugzappers, a large bag of cat food biscuits, three blank 3DAVdisks (3D audiovisual disks), three horrible much pornmagazines, and two legal SDWs (Self Defence Weapons) being SWPs (SD Pistols) plus lots of less valuable maybe stuff in two plastic lidboxes."


Saltis visibly became more cheerful. "Very good, Monique, I will brush your lovely long hair later."


Monique beamed with pleasure.


RainbowOcci smiled muchly. "My 'hair' can be brushed also very much!"


Monique smiled some more. "Of course, sweetiest sweetest of sweeties."


RainbowOcci smiled. "RainbowTinzi might be the 'sweetiest sweetest of sweeties' also."


Monique nodded profusely. "Of course RainbowTinzi is also the sweetiest sweetest of sweeties and so is that other one." She gave RainbowOcci a big wink.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [2.2[4]


The SangaScavvers, or at least that group of them, were in a building that was an external section to the Centrogon of Centropolis. The LostCentrogon was a rebuilt structure in LostCentropolis being once called, simply, the Centrogon. The purpose, of the moderately fortified structure, was one of liaison work between the URC (United Republics of Centralia) military and other aspects of that nation. That meant public relations, propaganda, security intelligence, communications and other duties including a fairly large public complex of museum, library, gallery, cafe, souvenir shop and other aspects.


Childlike, cute adorable,Tommytom had found a lightly armoured hazmat suit of the hardhazmatsuit kind. It was in a large empty emergency wall locker with about a dozen SDWs, three gashelmets, two gasmasks, emergency survival kits and a large medikit (medical kit) of items that did not naturally breakdown with time. There was a loose assortment of other items.


Motherly Marsha, who looked like an attractive middle aged woman of 'buxomy' appearance, had been preparing a meal from items found in the area along with others that the SangaScavvers had brought with them.


The immediate area was a lightly secured area of public relations being for Security Clearance Level Gamma only. Everything had been abandoned, and put into hard lock down status, just days before Doomsday took place. Those that had departed had probably taken much with them but seemed to have left a good deal behind, indicating they had been in a great hurry to get out of there. This was a strong indication that they at least suspected the terrible nature of what was coming. All across the world there was often found the same pattern indicating a great number had fled, in a barely organised manner, but where had they gone?


The SangaScavvers settled down to a meal, including coffee or tea, as the three quadimodubot type robots continued to charge up while settled down with their quadwheels stages drawn up into their hulls, and the four animals kept sleeping. They were a radmolerat, a gleaming black radrat, a big alley cat and a crow that was also large. Like the humans, the animals and robots were more than they appeared to be on the surface.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [3.1[5]


Major Saraa Maishan only actively used her nearly unique rank, of Primaster, under special circumstances. Despite this it tended to have a constant, passive, influence on other FindaSeekar ranks. She was only one of a handful to gain the special rank through out the Scitechdom history; she was both the only woman and youngest trooper to do so.


The Splintering, that led to the creation of the breakaway Steelorderhood, came partly from resistance to a ‘young woman’ becoming a Primaster though she had more than earned her right to the rather unique rank and rather unique exotic abilities. The Scitechdom had always had plenty of women in its ranks but only a relative minority had ever been in combat roles. The Scitechdom, back in the Westogon of Westtropolis, had a large minority who saw the breakaways as traitors.


The airfleet was bringing with it 100+ advanced liftergas airships, airboats and two more sophisticated aeroships along with six aeroboats. Long range, massive, superhelicopters numbered just five. The Scitechdom majority had a small fleet of gravity-rotor vertibirds but had kept those to themselves along with superbots (super robots), supermecha and other supermachines.


Now Saraa psysensed that she had a new role thrust upon her in a most unlikely fashion by a most unlikely presence. RainbowEcci had spoken very excitedly to her about lots of apparently interesting subjects, doing so for about five minutes before going to sleep.


They found an uncommon type, hihitech, preservator unit in the back of the McDiner being of the McDDCKV (McDomnicks McDiners, McCafes, McKiosks and McVendors). The moderately nutritional and flavourism food-drink, of the franchise, had been very popular because it was fairly cheap thanks to government subsidisation. It also had been secretly ‘salted’ with an addictive substance very hard to find so that people kept going back to McDDCKV but had there been more to it than that? McDDCKV was often pronounced as the word McDodicakive.


The FindaSeekars, of Findatroopers, continued moving after picking up some items from the diner. After some time Saraa found herself having an altered armapowersuit with a special armoured pouch for RainbowEcci.


They found a way into a utility tunnel of the kind that NewWashingtonDC was layered with, underground, in big linked networks.


Other FindaSeekars were out there, moving along with Saraa’s immediate unit, all heading towards the SteyelCitadel, but the Sentinel Major had a growing sense that all was not going to go too smoothly.


The Findaoptats were still picking up disturbing new about CrushMarshal Crushkill and his forces along with attacks by the monstrous shadowy creatures upon people.


Findascouts sent a pulseradio datapulse reporting that they had found many dead gangers, and other locals, when they had gone to find out more about the ambushers. A few people had survived to be given some goods by the Findascouts and to be told to head to the SteyelCitadel. The survivors had had most of what they needed by looting their own dead for they had gone from a big group barely having enough to a smaller group with some abundance of resources. The refugees would find a new home in a fortified settlement already existing at the very edges of the SteyelCitadel.


FindaSeekana was designed to move light, and fast. So they had no big mecha, robots or other machines of other than compact size. If they needed them, they had a few tricks to call upon. Yet they also used what useful local resources that they could find.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [4.1[6]


The SangaScavvers found more useful loot that went into the BITO (bigger inside than out) containers of the three Quadimodubots Oopsis, Uupsis and Aapsis. Eepsis, and Iipsis, were in the CelestiRainbowHome but could be called upon quickly if needed. The five robots had started out as very annoying as most Quadimodubots tended to be but RainbowTinzi had improved them and then CelestiOnoyes had improved them more, secretly fixing up RainbowTinzi’s improvements.


To most efficiently send goods to CelestiRainbowHome, one had to find certain transdimensional coordinates but often it was a matter of doing with the best that one could gain access to. At a best sending level of ‘two’ they sent about 200 kilograms of goods to the CRH. Sliding ‘down slope’ transdimensionally, the ‘package’ doubled in quantity and arrived in that manner. The process was amazingly complicated-subtle utilising excess energy generated by the process itself.


It was as the group managed to open a large safe room, that RainbowOcci acted unhappily excited. The big, thick, heavy door swung open and out of it lumbered a normal appearing man but there was something vague about him that said otherwise; perhaps it was the way his boots sank lightly into the very hard steel floor.


Massahigh, of Massaman, cried out in rage, went to strike with one heavy massed fist but then froze as rainbow energies sparkle shimmered around him. The reason he had not fallen through the floor was his ability to control the effects of his mass. He transformed, becoming no different in appearance but becoming more normal of mass and thus weaker in some ways and yet he had gained in other ways as in exotic powers of mass manipulation. Except that he had no chance to utilise these abilities even if he had wanted to do so. Massalow fell down onto his knees and then forward but was slowed so he landed unconsciously on the floor.


RainbowOcci pointed at the man. “Him is Professor Herman Kransk who got hit with FactorX plus gamma radiation that means he gets turned into Massaman of a Massatrio being Massalow, Massamid and Massahigh. RainbowTinzi met him before but not us RainbowCies as we were in status-sleep in the CelestiRainbowCore of the CelestiRainbowHome.”


Saltis frowned. “The safe has plenty of loot in it. Gold bullion, fusion power cores, crystal clay vases, gold plated laserguns, rare leather bound books, a big painting with a funny smiling woman on it, that dull mirrored First Responder Modular Cubicle, a lovely naked woman android in a special capsule and lots of other stuff in lockboxes, lockchests and sets of lockdrawers. Who needs a silly, human, professor who can make himself get heavier with out changing shape?”


Marsha sighed. “Now, Saltis, that is not nice of you and you know it. I doubt that Professor Kransk wishes to steal our possible loot from us.”


Saltis sighed. “Yes, you are right. I sense that he is okay for somebody who has been stuck in a safe for lots of time.”


RainbowOcci spoke. “Yes, Massaman slept for… lots and lots of years.


When Kransk came to, he gained some fatigues and other gear to wear. Then the man ate a large amount of food and drank a good deal of water before drinking three mugs of strong, milky, coffee in a row. He had no real memories of the time he had spent in the safe as the Massaman. As he explained, that was often the way when he was in a deep hibernation type sleep.


Massaman, as the more normal human like Massalow, peered around him with senses heightened from being the alto ego of the Massamid and Massahigh. As Massaman he had other kinds of powers that were strongest with Massalow, weaker with Massamid and even weaker with Massahigh as in reverse to increased physical enhancement and mass effect regulation. Despite changes of mass, Massaman did not change in size or volume.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [4.2[7]


Kransk spoke. “Some entity saved we, the Masstrio, from the sheer insanity of Doomsday. I was with the super powered Vengencers who were trying to do what we could to save as many people as we could by taking them into the Vengencer Sanctuary made much BITO by that same exotic force. Somehow…” He looked around. “I was going to say I ended up here but where is here and what year is it?”


Marsha spoke quietly, soothingly. “It has been just over 200 years since Doomsday and you are in a surviving complex that is at the edge of the Centrogon of CentropolisCR.”


Kransk nodded. “This is not very far from where…” He turned and examined the mirrored box. “That is not what it looks to be on the outside, that is an FRMC (First Responder Modular Cubicle). Though I am not sure how I know this to be the case."


RainbowOcci yawned and then spoke in a mildly bored tone of voice. “It is a Timespacekers' Timespaceship. Its BITO in a big way but not as much as Rainbowtech or Celestitech is. Them Timespacekers are very silly, arrogant, in some ways and CelestiOnoyes is often annoyed with them but she is even annoyed with RainbowTinzi sometimes.” He looked carefully around. “Though she probably has good reason.”


Herman Kransk shimmered with white Celestial energies, transforming but not in a manifest fashion, and then he was fast asleep on the floor. He would not wake up for some hours to come so he was made comfortable.


They went to the Timespaceship and opened one of its double doors, with RainbowEcci being a conduit for RainbowTinzi’s powers. They took Kransk with them who floated gracefully through the air thanks to the Rainbowbabies.


They found themselves in a non BITO, airlock like, wooden chamber that was partly like the inside of a real FRMC. On the other three sides, of the room, were doors that had no corresponding doors on the outside. There was a 3Dphone, smart vending machine, like combination of device that looked Predoomsday but only by a couple of decades, at most, as did the Timespaceship exterior. Marsha picked up the hand piece on the telephone and a warm, strong, female voice spoke to her that was not quite human in quality. The voice could be heard by all there.


“This is the Timespaceship's Timespacemind was speaking; there is nobody at home who is available to meet you at this time. You may remain in the transDlock where there are resources available from the telephone-vending device and from other means."


RainbowOcci spoke. “Is big naughty ProfTime there or lovely Gloriana who are both Timespacekers?”


Timespacemind: “Oh, its an aspect of RainbowTinzi or so I suppose. Oh, you are a lovely sweetie and your 'hair' is most impressive.”


RainbowOcci nodded solemnly. “Thank you very muchly! I hope you have very good hair, also! Yes, I am RainbowOcci. Does ProfTime have the ‘package’ that he promised to deliver to CelestiOnoyes?”


Timespacemind: “The DocTARDIS was caught in timespace vortextuals as caused by Doomsday that was linked to the TimeWar that was fought between the Timespacelords and Spacetimelords. It ended up here and those 'inside' the Timespaceship are in special long term healing alcoves. There is danger 'outside'. The whole group is now here.” The outer doubledoor became somehow more tightly closed. “You are now safer.”


The Rainbowbaby, humans, animals and robots all sensed the menacing, antinatural, threat outside of the DocTARDIS but only in a faint fashion. The door shivered slightly. There was a sharp humming of energies.


Timespacemind: “Defensive systems have driven back the blackglodire being one of the most powerful, and dangerous, of the kinds of Blackgloites of the Dimensionites.”


Saltis frowned. “I hope it did not try to steal any of the loot in the safe.”


Marsha sighed softly.

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [5.1[8]


What was wrong with CrushMarshal and his supermutants? Saraa Maishan studied the great crater that was full of dead supermutants of the range of kinds. The stink was terrible and the FindaSeekas were happy to be both wearing powerarma and to be able to turn off their olfactory sensors. The real CrushMarshal Crushkill, along with his hulking hulkmutants, zymutants and beastmutants, had been slaughtered with their bodies being riddled with small holes as if something had gone through them that had numbered in the hundreds, at least.


So there was a fake CrushMarshal Crushkill leading an army out there in the part of CentropolisCR close to where the bizarre massacre had taken place. Or was that where the killings had happened? I could be just the dumping area for the bodies.


Saraa's mind was drawn to the question of how so many, heavy, bodies had been transported to that location. She pondered the transportation capacity the FindaSeekas to make some kind of calculated comparison.


RainbowEcci had drawn the FindaSeekas to the area and now all of the units were close be they the Findamanders, Findalogisticers, Findamechers, Findagunners, Findahovrers, Findaguards, Findatroopers, Findascouts, Findaneers, Findaflyers and Findaoptats.


Findamechers used compact battlemecha as the Findalogisticers did a variety of specialised devices. Findahovrers used compact fanjet hovercraft. Findaflyers used compact fanjet loflyers. Findagunners used special heavy gun support powerarma. This was generally speaking for units often used other types of hardware and units often assisted each other.


Yet the largest unit, of FindaSeekas, were 'powered boot sloggers' of Findaguards who often relied on the Findalogisticers' transports in more than one way. The same was true of the less numerous Findatroopers, Findascouts, Findaoptats and even the Findagunners. Combat transports were sometimes used to carry extra personnel, if the situation allowed for it.


Conclusion? There was no way that the FindaSeekas could have dealt with so many dead mutigeltants especially because a few of them were truly massive in size and very heavy in weight. Or was that the case with the weight? On impulse she picked up a large rock, easily done with her powerarma, and hurled it at a dead body. Somehow she was not surprised when the dead behemoth crumbled into dust.


Now there was the question of how the bodies had been shifted with out them crumbling.


RainbowEcci yawned and then spoke. "Them got tricked, drugged so they became semiconscious, brought here but not at once, and then poked with tentacle-tendrils that fed upon them in a not very nice way. The strange gloopy creatures, with the tentacle-tendrils, changed shapeform to become like the mutigeltants that they fed on to death. Or so thinks somebody unnamed who is very lovely wonderful. Antimimicites, of the Antidimensionites, did the criminal act. Not all Dimensionites are evil but Mimicites are so as are Blackgloites and... There are a few but most are good or neutral. Antidimensionites are always evil but it is a mystery how, why, that a large number of Dimensionites became Antidimensionites that all came to this very city or so CelestiOnoyes has said."


Saraa gave the small one a kiss on the top of his head with his single, carefully spiraled, hair. Around them the walls, of the smashed down building with its collapsed ceiling, shuddered softly with the growing strength of the rainstorm's winds. There was much to think about!

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[1.1] CentropolisCR Crisis and Hope; Before the First Scitechdom Airfleet Arrived [6.1[9]


RainbowAcci, a female of the five RainbowCies, sat on MutiMarshal Smashbang's chest even as the megemoth, being bigger than the standard type hulkemoth of hulkmutants, opened his eyes. Perhaps it was because he had gained a great deal of exotic, even horrific, experiences that he did not appear at all surprised at the sudden appearance of the Rainbowbaby.


RainbowAcci spoke. "Hello, big lovely marshal daddy, got some nifty gifties but also some very not nice news."


A pair of hulkemoths were happily licking very big rainbow, disk shaped, lollypops and a large hulkehound was intently chewing on a rainbow bone shaped snack. In theory they were the MutiMarshal's bodyguards but in reality they were there under his protection.


Smashbang smiled in a way that had been impossible before RainbowAcci had first come to him and a positive change had been instigated in him and very many of those around him. "I dreamed of the bodies, of the real CrushMarshal and his mutigeltants, and how Saraa Maishan caused one of them to crumble with just a throw of a rock. I have heard vague mentions of three kinds of Dimensiongloites but nothing before of Mimicantiites."


RainbowAcci yawned and stretched. "Most Dimensionites are good or neutral as Dimensiongloites. Antidimensionites are worse than are the baddest baddies of the Dimensionites. Antimimicgloites are also very very bad. They were once Mimicgloites but became rejected, as a minority just as Blackantiites were once of the Blackgloites but driven away. Antiblackgloites are too very very very bad just as you, marshal daddy, were very bad and became very good."


Smashbang kissed his adopted daughter on the top of her head, being careful not to disrupt her carefully curled 'hair' that she was so very proud of.


Smashbang turned his head, as if drawn to, to find himself looking at a curious metallic square mirror surround by a rainbow metallic frame. It had a non reversed mirror like image that a zyclops zymutant was staring avidly at as it sunk a little with its firm jellyflesh body. Squishaloosh was one of Smashbang's official bodyguards that was very much not so.


RainbowAcci spoke. "SmartLord Smashblast has a rainbowmirror so that you can communicate with him but also do other tricky tricks like taking sneaky peaks on areas closer to each rainbowmirror or recording frozen moments of reflection. How one works depends on the user but each is tied to its user but also to one of us RainbowCies."


Smashbang stretched. "Do others have rainbowmirrors?"


The small one nodded. "Saraa Maishan, as linked with RainbowOcci, now has one as does Marsha Mannette who is linked with RainbowEcci. The other two I can not speak of at this moment lest RainbowTinzi be displeased or even the other who is unnamed except that she is called CelestiOnoyes."


Still healing from his last set of gained wounds, Smashbang went back to sleep and soon RainbowAcci was slumbering on his chest.

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