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elder scrolls battlespire quesstions


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i was wondering if i really need patch 1.5 for elder scrolls battlespire...because there is a glitch cheat that cannot work with patch 1.5 for the old game in the very beginning of the game.


can elder scrolls battlespire work well without patch 1.5?...well enough to beat being careful with many saves and stuff?


does anyone remember?...


the cheat in the beginning has to do with potions to make points for myself in the attributes in the game which is like god mode pretty much...i'm planning to do this with each class...if i ever get the game...


that would be exciting knowing there are no other known cheats for the game.


also, do you think the points glitch for my attributes in the beginning of battespire work on other versions of battlespire meaning different platforms...like handheld games?...


hmmm...i guess if it was a handheld game too of elder scrolls battlespire...i suppose i wouldn't need to be worried about tons of bugs since it would be a handheld game...


thanks for any help for any truths about any answers to my questions about this game called elder scrolls battlespire on PC...


if anyone played elder scrolls battlespire on PC and remember playing without this patch 1.5 and they like beat the game...that would be most welcome news...thanks again and i appreciate any answers...

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