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Halftone dots?


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I did a search on this, found nothing except two old posts from 2016 without replies or solutions mentioned. I'm running this at max settings, 2560x1440, with minimal ENB (speed without effects), and only a few mods that change lighting or environment.


Thing is, this dotting pattern appears everywhere, almost like its a Lens texture (but I have none, and its there even with ENB off completely). very noticable on light colored surfaces like fridge, skin, sidewalk, etc. Screenshot attached - but it won't be visible on the thumbnail.

Please help, this is really buggin me...

(oh hey, and if the answer is out there and I missed it, please don't be a troll about it - we're all human okay?)



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NO change regardless of resolution. I also removed ENB entirely, tested, then put back the default ENB, tested with effects active and inactive. Same result - dots still there.


The ONE thing I did notice however, is that these dots are in fixed position. I notice them on loading screens as if trying to simulate an old CRT, but remain present while in game.


FYI: GPU = MSI RTX 2070 Super, Display = BenQ 2711U

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Exactly. Its like a screen or lens filter effect - scenery moves behind the layer of dots. But its not the physical screen, nor any mod or ENB... I've also tested:



- check its not dust & cleaned monitor = yes, clean

- check for presence on hi-res photograph (8k x 10k) = not present

- check for presence on blank white screen = not present

- start new game, no mods = no change

- start new game, no mods, no ENB = no change

- check for presence along whole screen = no change

I'm starting to think its just a limitation of game engine???
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robotized - nope, no change. Disabled all AA & AIO in the driver & ini files - was still there... I even looked at some old screenshots from old play through and its not there, so its really got me scratching my head.

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