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Fallout 40k Imperial Guard Armor


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Hello dear Fallout lover and Mod creator !


I have a request , Iâm looking for a certain mod since Fallout 4 release.. Iâve played on PC a long time ago and played FNV with Warhammer 40k overhaull , fallout 3 imperial guard mod too ! And damn that was one of my best time in Fallout Game ! But since I was looking for some Warhammer mod , found the Sister of battle armor mod , servoskull and Space Marine armor ! But .. yes these mod are awesome .. pretty awesome .. but Iâm a simple men , who love Warhammer , who live Warhammer , read warhammer and play Imperial guard .. and cosplay imperial guard too !


So this is my request , I donât ask for a complete overhaull mod , but just a simple Imperial guard / astra militarum / Cadian armor Mod ! Or outfit ,not a parts to parts armor like the fallout 4 combat armor , just a simple armor / complete outfit .. and maybe , maybe if you can do this , a weapons mod just a simple lasgun to match with the guard ..


also , aviable on XBOX ONE .. because now itâs the only thing I can play with ( also sorry for my bad English , I hope someone would understand me and try to help me and some other Warhammer lover who whant to play as a guard ! )


thanks for reading


Ps: Iâm new here so If I made a mistake placing my post here or doing something wrong , I feel very sorry and please contact me so I'll do something to change it .


Oh and praise the Emperor

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This Is one mod I have been waiting for as well, I enjoyed that mod for Fallout New Vegas, but it feels like no one has seems to have thought about making such a mod, I would also like to see the "Armageddon Steel Legion" as well as the "Death Korps Of Kreig" as they are regiments the would fit in an atomic blasted wasteland,


I have found that it difficult to generate Interest in my mod ideas when I have posted them as well



The Emperor Protects!

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