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Being redirected to scam site


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Hey all,


This issue has been occuring for me since approx 1200 PST.


After about 5 seconds on nexusmods.com, I am immediately directed to a scam site. This is not occurring on any other site. It started on an oblivion mod page and is occurring on the home page as well.

The scam site if claiming to be my ISP with a prize draw and a survey

I am using Edge as my browser, and I am logging in from British Columbia, Canada

The address that I am redirected to is: https://consumersintherainforest.xyz/ced03e40aa7999cca89efdca7f550924/index.html?

I have confirmed that I am virus & malware free with my antivirus software.

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Do you also get green hyperlinks? Sometimes some viruses are quite clever and they can avoid detection from some antivirus software, try using another antivirus software, i'm 90% sure that the problem is on your end.

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