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The Morrowind 2020 Summer Modjam - A 48 Hour Modding Event!


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The Morrowind 2020 Summer Modjam - A 48-Hour Long Modding Competition!

Starts August 15th-16th!

The Summer Modjam Theme is "Ashlanders"! You have until August 17th at 5am EDT/10am GMT to release your mods for the Summer Modjam on the Nexus!

Today we're announcing the Morrowind Summer Modjam Modding Competition, the second of our bi-annual modjams hosted in the proud tradition of the gamejams of the past! Much like our Winter Modjam from back in February, the Summer Modjam will be another 48 hour modding extravaganza, where modders will have just one weekend to come up with, design, and release a mod that matches a theme chosen by the community!


The Summer Modjam begins August 15th and goes through to the 16th, participating modders will have their skills and endurance tested as never before, with limited time to make their ideas a reality and release their completed mods on the Nexus before the 48 hour window is up!


But before we can even get to the Modjam itself, we need the community to suggest and pick a theme that our modders will have to use for their Modjam submissions! Got an idea for a theme you'd like to see used in the Modjam? Use our Google Submission form to submit your theme suggestion, and we'll be taking new theme suggestions up until August 5th. After that, we'll hold a poll with all of themes submitted where you guys can vote and pick what will ultimately be our modding theme for the Summer Modjam!


On August 14th, or rather a few hours before the Modjam begins, we'll announce the winning theme for the Summer Modjam, and any and all participating modders will have to try and come up with ideas to match the chosen theme before the Modjam begins. All mods submitted for the Modjam must involve the winning theme to some degree. The only other requirement for releasing mods as part of the Modjam is a tag or line in the mod description reading "Part of the Summer 2020 Modjam".


But with that out of the way, let's talk prizes and judging! The Summer Modjam will be a judged event, with a panel of three judges that'll go through and play all of the submitted mods for the Modjam and pick their favorites. The top three by common consensus will be declared the winners of the Modjam! But we also have a player component involved, with the Player's Choice Award, where the mod with the highest endorsement to unique download ratio by August 31st will win the Player's Choice badge!


As for prizes, we'll once again be giving away a ton of games, as well as video features for submitted mods on Morrowind Modding Showcases, and giving out png badges/achievements to all participating modders!


Just one other thing to note, you can submit mods for the Modjam as part of a collaboration effort with another modder (or modders), or utilize modder's resources, or do a solo-mod. The only rule is no cheat mods!


The competition begins on Saturday, August 15th at 12AM EDT/5AM GMT and ends on August 17th at 5AM EDT/10AM GMT (there's a short grace period in case of uploading issues).


Anyway, I hope you'll join us for our second Modjam, and of course, more importantly, have fun with the competition! Stay tuned for more information as we gather theme suggestions! Best of luck to the modders, and long live Morrowind!

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