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Oblivion Mod - Voice Actor/Actress Wanted


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Greetings, Oblivion Nexus Community!


I am the mod author behind some Oblivion epic quest and dungeon delving mods such as The Forgotten Dungeon, Archfiend, Voyage: Deserts of Oblivion and The Secrets of Angalayond Cey.

I am currently in search of a voice actor who can narrate some monologue lines for the trailer for my next biggest modding project for Oblivion.

Those looking to audition for the voice acting position must be eligible for the following

Please read and review ALL of the following sections carefully for the voice acting position.


-Must be 18 years or older

-Must be able to record audio files in Mono

-Must save the files in either .mp3 or .wav format

-Must be able to record with no background or extra vocal interference (Pop filter recommended)

-This is an unpaid position.

Story and Background

My next project will be a horror mystery mod centered around an estate that is located up the road from Bruma in the Jerall Mountains.

Long ago in Cyrodiil, a wealthy family purchased the land around Dragonclaw Rock and built their estate. For unknown reasons, the family slowly descended into a dark stupor. One day, investigators would search the estate because of a missing persons report and find nothing but blood staining the halls of the estate. All of the servants, groundskeepers and members of the wealthy family mysteriously disappeared without a trace. This event would become known as the Disappearances at Dragonclaw Rock.

This is where you come in. You are going to play the part of the narrator of the trailer. The narrator is a person who was either directly or indirectly involved in the Disappearances at Dragonclaw Rock.

The Character

The character that will be narrating the trailer will be someone who is reminiscing and recounting the events that unfold during "The Jerall Mountain Disappearances".

The character can be a male or a female. Their identity changes depending on the voice actor.

Personality/description: The character will be reminiscing past and present events with a demeanor of fearful hesitation and reflective introspection. Think of the character as someone who is writing a journal and recounting past or even present events.

The Audition

If you decide to audition then record yourself saying the following lines and email the recordings to me at [email protected] and I may or may not provide feedback.

"A shroud looms over County Bruma. The residents of Stalrous Manor have vanished and the forests are eerily quiet."


"The Jerall Mountains have been barren since the disappearances. The animals are nowhere to be seen and the goblins have begun to flee their caves."


"I sometimes hear screams coming from deep in the woods and see figures running through the trees in the distance. I feel as though I am being watched."

Deadline for the audition: AUDITIONS ARE CLOSED!

You can contact me via email address: [email protected]

Or through Nexus Forums

Looking forward to seeing your submissions! Thank you and best of luck!


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