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What is with all the malicious spam ads?


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How do I stop fake adverts that originate from Nexus website? Every time I click a mod for Fallout 4 to look at, that within 30 secs the page is redirected to a fake 'you won' advert... Only happens while I visit Nexus website.

from globalgoals.xyz
Dear TPG Customer, Congratulations!
TPG is holding an anniversary celebration for next 7 days (August.16 -> August.23) to thank your loyalty for using us as Internet Provider.
We will select 10 lucky users everyday to win an exclusive gift from us, including free Apple iPhone Xs, Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple Watch for choosing us. And Your IP address has been selected.
You have to simply answer our anonymous survey below to win your prize. Hurry up! 8 users have received this invitation and there are only 2 prizes to win.


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