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Mars Cutscene Freeze Issue (No Priority Earth Installed)


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Hello Everyone,


I am hoping that someone can assist with this issue. The game freezes just after the Mars mission when you speak with Hackett. I was really looking forward to playing this game again after 8 years. From what I have read it is fairly common for people to experience problems at this cutscene whether on PC or console.


I have the following mods installed:



ME3 Recalibrated

Bonus Power Packs

Tali Full Face

Alliance Warpack

SP Controller Support 3.3



ENB or Reshade with SweetFX

MME3 Graphics Tweaks


I've tried changing the resolution, running in windowed mode, tweaking every setting I can think of.



CPU: 7980XE

RAM: 64GB @ 4000MHz

MOBO: Asus Rampage VI Extreme


OS: Win 10 Pro

Monitor: 4k w/ GSYNC enabled (VSYNC Off in GameSettings.ini)


If anyone has any advice I would be very appreciative. I spent hours finding the mods, downloading them, getting everything setup just right. I've read of people "fixing" the issue by redownloading the game from Origin and all of the DLC's, but that means starting completely over. I already ran a repair install last night when I received some weird EA server connection error.


Best Regards, Mog22wai

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