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[Mod Request] Show Monster Weak Points on Loading Screen for Target Monster


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Title really - I always forget what the weak part is for the weapon i'm using on a specific monster, and seeing the Physiology screen on the loading page when going in to a hunt would be 10/10 useful I think. I tried searching for something like this and found nothing.

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I think a mod like this is impossible to make.
A mod would need to know what quest are you currently on, read it's data (target monster) and do all this mid-loading. I really don't think mods have such deep level access.

Maybe just write down a list of weakspots (or even HZVs if you're more into details) of a monster on a sheet of paper or print one out.

Edit: well, some Stracker's plugins do some really crazy stuff, but that's still a ton of work for something very minor (though if anyone can and wants to help, don't mind me).

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