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So I recently began working as a freelance writer, thanks to one to this wonderful pandemic, and one of my first jobs was to write your typical top ten lists for Hollow Knight. Though I have written before, games... Ehem... journalism is still new to me. Mind reading the articles and letting me know what you think?

1. Hollow Knight Endings [All Endings Guide]

This first one is a basic ending guide. It includes all the endings and a very brief description of how to get them. Feeling like I could've included more details, or a further guide at the end, but what do you all think?

2. [Top 10] Hollow Knight Best Charms And How To Get Them

This is a top 10/guide. Possibly my favorite part of these lists is making jokes as I explain things. Finding comical ways to describe the charms was particularly fun.

3.[Top 5] Hollow Knight Best Geo Farm Methods (Early and Late Game)

This one was particularly hard to write as geo farming had never been a concern before unbreakable charms became a thing. I had to start digging for community approved geo farming tactics.

4. [Top 10] Hollow Knight Best Abilities

This is just your typical top ten list, but I'd be interested in hearing other Hollow Knight players thoughts? Do you have a different list in your head?

5. [Top 5] Hollow Knight Best Charm Combos

Another semi guide top 10. I learned a lot of interesting charm combos this way. I wanted to balance it so it wasn't all about combat like other lists I had seen. Any new info on this list for you?

And that's it! Let me know what you think! Are there ways I can improve?

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