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Adult Dragons?


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Now, I don't particularly expect anything overly rediculous, but it seems there are no mods tweaking dragons that are adult-oriented. Yes, I know, reptiles don't have much difference in appearance between the male and the female... In reality.

But where are dragons in reality, hm? Put into scientific terms, they aren't even technically reptilian. They're a combination of Avian, Reptile, Mammal, and something else. Scrunch that up, and they're classified as Archosaurians combined with a bit of Mammal. This means that the males could get colorful, females could be bigger, and, or even OR, there could be vast differences between genders regardless of the limitations on reptiles and birds. I know, TES lore says they're reptiles, but Reptiles cannot fly, nor can they breath fire. The very energy required to make the fire would be impossible for reptiles.

Looking at mods for adult-oriented argonians, the females do have breasts, but they're much, much smaller than those given to all the other races. That could fit into dragons: Small bumps along the scales with a single nipple each for some variation of milk fed to the young. It may be more "realistic" to have this lower down--I assume dragon whelplings can move around well enough to reach a lower-set set of boobs or teats, though if you're willing to say they'd hold the whelps in their wings, the chest still works.

Males could be given a sheath, member, or even hemipenis, depending on how any modder taking this up decides to go. Heck, you could go as far as to say the males provide protection to the young and have a pouch of some sort to carry them in. This could be stretched into the female being an ovipositioner, but that's not something that I'm asking for (This thread will simply be mulipurpose and include it for those who do want that).


I would assume a dragon with whelps would either try to be friendly (Hey, rumor of the Dragonborn killing dragons must have gotten around), or aggressive at first then "submissive," trying to surrender to be able to continue protecting the young. They would do this regardless of which gender has the whelplings, even if both can have a chance of having some with them (Scaly-pouches for all?).


Now for something a bit more rediculous:


If we're going to go into adult themes involving dragons, we may as well look at sex in it. Yes, the dragons are bigger than people, but that doesn't mean they would be incompatible. You could even start a dragon family; marry a dragon, have whelps (I'd assume actual dragons would just birth dragons regardless of who they mate with), all that jazz.


Or, perhaps, you could drive dragons to submission and just make them servents, but when you get multiple dragon servents, they may end up mating and making whelps on their own, or under your command.




Dragon whelps, at their smallest size, should be small. Either the size of a dog, or the size of a kitten, depending on if you view them as litter or... Whatever the word for a single egg/baby is, species (Do they lay multiple eggs at a time or just one or two?).

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You could probably pass dragons off as a pterosaur, or at least as being very inspired by them, of which holds as much resembelance in form and probable motion as you can get.

Lore would probably slap you around for trying to say they didnt come from nowhere, or some such nonsense.


As for baby dragons, I'd have to say dragons as is are ungainly and clumsy, and most of the dragons are all undead in skyrim in the first place; I do think there is a mod that did make a tiny dragon, not sure on the scale or which mod, but young dragons or welps would probably need their own model because scaling it just makes a tiny dragon.


I dont think dragons need to be sexualized, thats just not something that needs to happen.

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Reptilian creatures have their intim parts hidden in a slit (like snakes, crocodiles, etc...) so it wouldn't be visible anyways.

The Lore itself puts Dragons as fictional, meaning any reference to them being reptile is potentially an assumption, not a fact.

Crocodiles themelves aren't even Reptile, so using them as an example just works against you by showing that a single species can vastly vary in the anatomical workings.


Any of the ideas included here, though, would be neat to see, even just whelps and surrendering dragons.

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