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Expanded Dragon Riding and Dragon Companion Idea


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Dragon Riding? Is hovering around the same place over a dragon what you call Dragon Riding?


Nonsense. My idea is quite simple, but I think that the scripting will not. Along with the main points of Riding provided by the DLC, there should be the option for bows and crossbows over the skies, along with complete control of the Dov' movements and height of flight. The behaviour of a Dragon is also changed, making him wait on the ground until the Bend Will Shout wears off. Riding in one person could be a nice alternative, but its not essential.


This might be already under development, but there is another thing worth noting: A Dragon Companion.


It might not be able to follow you into caves, but it should be able to carry you around, fight for you and possess the natural commands of wait, follow and land. Also, as a companion, there should be no need of a constant Bend Will. A quest would be recommended, for no Dovah would carry a mortal as a servant for no reason.


Overall, it would be the mighty peak of modding on my Data Files should someone devise this idea into an .esp file.

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