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Hi guys i have a problem with a mod i made and published yesterday

I ve made a house outside of high hrothgar and i want the players that will download my mod to fight a dragon priest to take the key for the house

I did that without problem but the dragon priest is waking up and going straight into the house's yard wall(its stucks for some players into the wall).


That was the first problem,i thought i will just move him and everything will be ok but its not,because when i move him or when i add a new dragon priest ambush set(from the warehouse amushes cell)the coffin animation works fine but the dragon priest's body is still in the house's yard even with the marker moved


Because i am greek and you may not understood what i mean here is the mod to download it and check it at your creation kit http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/31713


Thanks in advance

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