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Muting music during cutscenes


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I'm finding the music during the cutscenes extremely distracting. It's tonal changes never match up with the voice lines and it's just, UGH, I want it GONE haha.


I tried editing the 'audiocontextsconfig.xml' in the tables.sds file, specifically this section...

  <context name="CTSCNS_MUSIC">
    <limits minsounds="0" maxsounds="0" />
    <doppler enable="false" factor="1.0" />
    <environment drymix="0.0" wetmix="0.0" />

I thought "CTSCNS" might mean "cutscenes" but changing the min/max to 0 didn't work.


Does anyone have any idea where I can remove or mute the music during cutscenes?

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