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Hello, I have been working on an mcm menu for a specific feature in my mod for the last few days and I would like to ask you all for help.


So currently I need to make a menu that can natrually change its layout, I have been able todo this thru using a drop down menu and then using the index to determine the layout but the problem I am facing is that for the menu to actually change you need to exit the menu and then enter it again. This is a problem because users of this part of the mod will most likely have to change layout multiple times in one session and it would just become a hassle.


So my question would be if there is a function or event that will force the mcm menu to update, like how it updates when the event "OnPageReset" is called but without the need for the user to exit the menu. I have thought about the possiblity of doing it thru loading another menu for a split second and then leaving that menu but I don't know how I would get the user to comeback to the mcm menu if I did that.


Sry for not making it more clear but I am pretty tired at this point.

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