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Skyrim Comes Alive!


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So, I recently downloaded Real Cities - Solitude and Real Cities - Whiterun. The changes they make to these two cities are...stunning. Immersive as all get-out. I was in awe the first time I set foot in Whiterun after installing these mods.


But I noticed something...


It adds new generic NPCs (sailors, beggars, hunters, etc)...but it doesn't really give them a schedule. They just kind of gravitate around a little sector of the city, and they're always there.


I recalled Morrowind Comes Alive, where the added generic NPCs would come and go, and I thought, "can this be done in Skyrim?"


I don't see why not. There's chances of randomly encountering Revelers, random hostile NPCs, etc...


I know nothing of working with the CK, after peeking in I realised that it's just beyond my abilites to mod Skyrim. So, here's the basis of my idea:


-New, generic NPCs with schedules, who wandered from one town to the next, each with generic voice packages befitting their type (hunters say "Been huntin' and fishin', yadda yadda, etc., etc.)


-Chances to encounter these new NPCs on the road, in dungeons (wouldn't it be nice to have a little help here and there instead of soloing these haunted ruins?)


-More dogs in cities and villages


-Generic NPCs in all villages, rather than just the two I mentioned


-Compatibility for the "Real Cities" mods


How's it sound? I'm going to contact the author of the Real Cities mods and ask if they intend to add more Hold Capital cities in the future. In the mean time, I'd love to see this idea blossom into reality!


[EDIT: Checked in on author's Workshop, they do intend to follow up these two with more. May end up making this idea obsolete, if they do villages too. Otherwise, let's start with the little outdoor hamlets.]

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