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Better Ruins


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Ok. Not sure if this is in the right place but didn't know where else to put it.


I have been working on improving the Dwemer ruins in MW after playing Skyrim it just feels so much better but again I think that could also be improved on.


In fact I will shut up a sec and let you see;




There are currently over 60 new meshes I have made to get a better atmosphere. It is currently only in its baby stage but I figured good enough to lash out a spoiler and get some opinions from the MW masses.


Most of the textures are just stolen from Skyrim and could be a lot better but I am no texture artist and made do with the Skyrim ones.


There is a fully functional lift (yup goes up and down lol and the cogs move at the right speed and direction etc) in one of the ruins and many other things that are scripted; i.e. spiders in the ruins now fire shock bolts and are levelled creatures. They also have more options to what may appear in their inventory such as soul gems.


Some of the meshes in the slide show have already been replaced for better, more efficient ones with greater detail.


I would like suggestions for clutter if possible?


I would also like anyone that had time could play test the test ruin I currently have (its quite big) and let me know of any problems etc


Anyway. That is my WIP atm.















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