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One of the most common problems with modding is sometimes a mod conflicting with another; or a mod created was not checked for errors.

If you require assistance, please have the following prepared:

  1. Click this link and follow it's directions.
  2. After the site makes a digestible log, copy it's URL.
  3. Paste it within your post.
  4. if you are creating a mod, zip it so it can be sent. Sometimes looking at the mod helps the one assisting you.
  5. Be sure to post exact details of how it happens and if you can reproduce the issue.

A post saying something doesn't work is like telling us grass is green. Following the steps above can get you assistance faster, if someone knows how to help you. (Like I know nothing about map making).

Do not forget that the Modder's Resource Thread Has the discord link to the Stardew Valley Official Discord. You can get more detailed help from there.

If the issue is one of my mods, you can always send me a message through my Discord.

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Hi, my game suddenly started freezing on the save screen when my player goes to sleep at night. it calculates the money, then freezes when the screen is black and there's the text that says "saving..." at the bottom left of the screen, and it won't move past there. I have to manually shut down the game every time when it does that. I can't get past that day.

I am playing with around 60 ish mods, but all was working fine until I started changing my wallpapers, flooring, and placing furniture in my farmhouse. I am using wallpaper/flooring/furniture from mods that add custom content, so I'm thinking one or more of those mods are what is causing this issue? But i don't know how to pinpoint what exactly is causing the game to freeze before finishing saving. There are some mods that have new updates available, but some of the updates are only a beta release (like Content Patcher) so i figured id wait to update it until there was a release that wasn't a beta version. I'll try that and see if it helps, but if anyone has any idea what is causing this and how to fix it, that would be wonderful!

Here's my game log:

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Can anyone help me? My stardew valley keeps closing everytime that I'm fighting with some slime.

It wasn't happen before I add some mods, but I don't know wich mod is causing it so I can delete.

Here's the log, if someone can help me identify...




This is your problem

- [CP] East Scarp 2.1.4 because it requires mods which aren't installed (DaisyNiko.Tilesheets).

you're missing a mod that is important

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Hello everyone on a multiplayer stardew server we have quite a few mods but none of us can access our chicken coops and our consoles get spammed with errors, all mods have been updated and we have tried removing some which may be causing it to bug out please help we want to pet our chickens and collect eggs

heres the log:


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