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Increased Heap Allocation mod same as fallout stutter remover ?


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Hello !


I been following the modding guide by markie86 on nexus, downloaded his pdf file and followed the instructions.

However googling a bit beforehand i saw people absolutely NOT recommending the fallout stutter remover mod, instead using the " New vegas Anti crash "

But then again, i also followed the kelmych guide on the STEP forums.. He also chooses to download fsr.

My question is however, the mod " Increased Heap Allocation " on nexus, isnt it the same as fallout stutter remover ?

The reason why im asking if Fallout stutter remover is identical to Increased heap allocation mod is that these both mods have this line in them:




except fsr has a few more lines if i remember correctly..

I have mine set to 768 and havent experienced any issues, i also tried 400, 500 ( 768 is the max according to mod author )


so yeah can anyone give a little insight ? What " FIX " mods do u guys recommend removing / keeping ? I got the following installed:




Check the image.


Also what i have noticed, is that mmm ( Martigens Mutant Mod ) Is causing massive lag, if u turn around in the world, one spot will be laggy, turning 180degrees no lag.. this is super annoying.. i got paradox igniton patch and blackened patch.. i ran wrye bash while having blackened patch disabled, and then when bash patch finished i moved blackened ( eve, project beauty, mmm version not using fwe ) moved that esp to the very bottom below bash patch even as suggested doing google searches..


I am nearly at the completion of starting a new game after over 2 months of hardcore modding and testing etc etc and finally kinda getting into fo3edit and fixing lots of issues, for example eve wouldnt show up its unique weapon textures for wattz rifle for unique gun for example wazer wifle, all i had to do was open the bash patch, move a few lines from one end to a conflict winner esp and boom fixed.. one thing after the other is slowly getting smooth, but yet i have no advanced experience ...


Kinda getting off topic but my main question was iheapallocation line in both fsr and increased heap allocation mod on nexus if i should remove the iheapallocation mod cause its almost similiar to fsr and i googled and people say fsr isnt good anymore and it got replaced with new vegas anti crash...

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Increased heap allocation is compatible with Stutter Remover, and they do similar but different things.


Ok thank you for reply ! But, people are not recommending fallout stutter remover, instead new vegas anti crash is the replacement. What is ur recommendation ?

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