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how to tweak ending slide triggers/conditions?


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I would like to make it so that BoS slide 5 and either Veronica slide 3 or 5 play when the Courier goes independent, upgrades the securitrons, ignores the BoS, gets the BoS-NCR truce signed, and convinces Veronica to join the FotA. If you go this path in the game as it is, the ending ignores the BoS and Veronica entirely, which is ridiculous, and quite sad if Veronica was an important companion that playthrough


the only mod I know of that tweaks ending slides is Llama Lord's Independent FotA Fix, and that esp's file details look like this. In the description they say, "I simply copied the second voice clip from the ending in which NCR supports them and added new conditions to it."


I'm an absolute Geck noob, but I'm trying to use it to check the mod out and figure out what Llama Lord did so I can replicate it for my purposes. If anyone could give me pointers on what to do, though, that would be fantastic and I'd be very grateful :)



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The basics of "Dialogue" are covered in the "Dialogue and Lipsynch" section of the wiki "Getting started creating mods using GECK" article. The "conditions" refer to "conditional tests" of the value of specific related variables to determine which line of dialog should be used. A starting point would be the GECKWiki page "How to conditionalize dialogue based on multiple variables".


You need to check not only for the "Topics" line "script result" but also in the "Result Script" field entry to determine where a conditional variable value is set. See the "TIP Script Result vs Result Script" under the "Scripting" section of that same "Getting started" wiki article.



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