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Alduin spawned in riverwood


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I recently installed a bunch of mods overhauling dragons (which added some new dragons). I also installed dragon compilation mods (20+ dragons). Then every time there is not 1,not 2, but 3 dragons. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So I disabled the dragon compilation mods. This fixed my problem. But 10 minutes ago, I (level 34) was fighting a revered dragon (level 60) which is not leveled i know. But I succeeded in killing it with the whiterun guards, my wabbajack, and my 20 followers. THEN 'HE' APPERED. Keep in mind i didn't even finish diplomatic immunity. I was using a mod which retextured alduin so i was very surprised to see him. He proceeded to shout and cause a rain of fireballs... I was instantly killed. Can anyone help me? Here are the active mods:-



2.Ultimate Dragons

3.The Forgotten City

4.Supreme Alduin (beta)

5.Summerset Isle


7.Skyrim Project Optimization

8.Skyrim Performance Plus

9.Skyrim Metal covers DRAGON BATTLE MUSIC

10.Run for your lives

11.Rich Merchants

12.Rebalanced Nightingale Proper Stealth Armor


14.Paramount-FPS galore for oldrim

15.Man those borders


17.Mainmenu Spinning Skyrim emblem

18.Load game ctd fix

19.KenMOD Time on loading screen

20.KenMOD Lockpick Pro

21.Insignificant object remover

22.Immersive music

23.Immersive armor

24.Guard Dialogue overhaul

25.Floating Damage

26.Faster Sleep WAIT


28.Extensive Follower Framework

29.Enhanced Night Skyrim

30.Dynamically disable eye adaptation and bloom

31.Dragon's Dawn

32.Dragonborn Ascendant

33.Dragon Stalking Fix

34.Dragon Lord Castle

35.Dragon combat overhaul

36. Diverse Dragons Collection 3

37.Display Enemy Levels

38.Deadly Dragons

39.D13 Faster Get up stand up

40.Colourful lights no shadows

41.Cloaks of Skyrim

42.Civil War Aftermath

43.Bethesda performance textures Armor-clothes-weapons

44.Bethesda performance textures- Animals and creatures

45.Become High King Of Skyrim v2


47.A quality world map

48.A matter of time



Please Help

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