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Request: Soul Net, an AOE Soul Trap


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Would it be possible please to make an area-of-effect version of the Soul Tap spell, tentative name "Soul Net"? I can't find anything quite like this on Nexus, including the nifty soul trap rune.


Reason: Skyrim has an amazing array of weapons, but I find myself always using soul-trap weapons for fear of losing out on filling high-value gems.

Casting soul trap one enemy at a time to use another weapon can be impractical in melee fights.

For instance, I'd love to have an AOE soul-trap that would let me make all the nearby draugr in a crypt susceptible, then fight using Dawnbreaker or J'zargo's Flame Cloak knowing they'll all be soul-captured during the resulting inferno.



Suggested Name: Soul Net

School: Conjuration

Suggested Magic Cost: 3 x base Soul Trap = 3 x 107 = 321

Level: Expert (seems consistent with casting cost)

Spell Tome Cost: 625 (consistent with expert Invisibility spell)

Spell Tome Availability: Sold by Phinis Gestor (College of WInterhold). Maybe random loot or other places/vendors expert conjuration tomes appear.

- Other expert-level spells have a min level of 75 before appearing. Suggest the same defaults for balance, but I'm more interested in the ability itself than settings which might require more modding work.


Use: The user would either projectile cast it anywhere (like mage-light) or cast at a location (like a rune). (Mod author's choice, of course.)

Either way, it would spread out (instantly or otherwise) affecting creatures within a large radius. (Ideally large enough to fill a grand-chamber of a dungeon or draugr crypt.)

All soul-trappable beings within the radius would then be subject to soul-trap vulnerability for 60 seconds, subject to standard conjuration duration modifiers like potions, dual-casting, etc.


Slightly less lore-friendly variant that might be easier to create: Activate an untargerted spell (same cost as above) which will soul-trap any enemy killed within 60 seconds.

This would then bypass the need to projectile cast or pre-calculate vulnerable enemies in range.


Thank you for your consideration and time!


- Nekomanswer

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