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[Virus] Be Aware from Downloading mod - ConfigOverhaulCyberpunk 2077 by Mastaloe


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Hello Folks.

I don't know how, but on Nexusmods is uploaded a virus from user Mastaloe - https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/users/103421908

Be aware to download mods from him!


Well, about mod.


Mod link is this - DO NOT DOWNLOAD - https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/271


This file is malware, because after using it, it's create a folder here AppData\Roaming\ (folder name) Up_tmp and there is file, name - svhosts.exe (2.30 MB)? Why there is file, which name like Windows Host process name?
But this is not over.
In folder C:\Windows it's also create file, which name is svhosts.exe (6.03 MB)
This exe also create autorun task!
Please do something with author of this file.
By the way, after installing this mod, i got 100% load of GPU, I guess it can be also a miner.
Who downloaded this mod, please check your PCs and clean it from this malware.
I already reported about this file to Nexus, but I don't know when they will remove it.
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Some information what is doing this virus, just watch

value=Build 17.12.2020
InstallSvc=12/17/2020 11:09:49 PM
value=-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp://rvn.kryptex.network:7000 -u RRrPSJ7C8up3LW8a11jwVNzgqPX7F27AjM.v2d882224b:xxxxxx -long-format

Also create 2 files.




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