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Optimising menus and world


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Hey everyone, im not sure how to use creation kit to achieve this but i want to turn off the perk menu animations unless the perk is highlighted by the player. with all the perks playing their animations it lags out the menu and makes it a chore to try and get new perks.


Also i have seen a few optimisation mods around from like 2018 and before but none seem upto date and for some reason interfere with loading up a skip intro mod and crash the game during the loading of the cryo room after skipping the intro.


Is someone able to make a mod that turns off grime, ambiant lighting thats not needed, dust particles etc to try and create a all in one optimisation mod.


i havent figured out how to mass delete an object from the world all at once rather then maticulously go through each cell and delete an item

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