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Help With Unlimited Terraforming

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So I dont like the terraforming limits in Galactic Civilizations III.


After a little research I came across this brilliant page on the Steam Community about removing the terraforming limits (https://steamcommunity.com/app/226860/discussions/3/487870763306214489/).


Following it I removed the limits and brought back the Omega Terraformer by editing improvementdefs.xml in ".../Galactic Civilizations III/data/Game/".


The changes that I had made had worked brilliantly when I started a new game on the campaign. Playing Rise Of The Terrans, first mission Haven, reflected all the changes that I made to terraforming, then being unlimited.


Unfortunately, when I completed that mission and started the second Xendar mission on Rise Of The Terrans. All the changes I made had disappeared. Terraforming was back to being one time use again. Same occurs when playing the other campaign missions also. As well as starting a new game (Outside of the campaign).


All the changes I made in the file remains the same.


Initially I assumed it was DLC and the improvementdefs.xml for it ran into a different location from the vanilla one I modified. I looked all over the DLC folder and found nothing even remotely looking like what I needed to edit to make the unlimited terraforming changes I wanted to make across the entire game.


I've come here to ask (Because I feel modders may be best equipped people to answer my question). Does anyone know where else I would have to edit to make the entire game have unlimited terraforming tech?

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