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I am somewhat familiar with modding, have been doing it for years, but i never encountered this bug.
Ive searched the web for all kinds of solutions, but i never found any... So this is my last try :(
Ive created a character, and she looked like this: https://ibb.co/Kb2CgpM

Ive changed absolutely nothing, im happy with how she looks and then after installing an enb (everything is up to date) rudy enb to be specific,

her eyelashes suddenly looked like this: https://ibb.co/gTRw1Cf

Ive checked my shadow settings etc, but nothing changed it. It also stays the same no matter how far or close i go to the face.

Ive only got a cubemap mod for the eyes. getting a new eyemod didnt fix it. im using high poly head could that be an issue?

looks soooo ugly...

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