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Need help tracking down a hair mod for Josie


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I am losing my dang mind over this. So there's a popular hair mod that replaces the braided bun mesh for human and elf ladies. It's dianalasen/caliterra's Side Braid With Bun hairstyle mod and it's GORGEOUS. Well I've had it for awhile but I've stumbled across this Lady Ambassador mod when looking for complexions and in the user added images, there's this picture where it's clearly that side braid with bun hair and it suits Josie so well! I have scoured Nexus and Google and have not been able to find that specific file to give Josie this beautiful hairstyle that's perfect for her... and I was hoping someone knew where to find it... or if they know how to alter files to just give her the hairstyle. I've never modded anything, but I'm willing to try.

Any help would be appreciated. My google-fu is apparently not strong enough.

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