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Looking for a fantastic person who would make race powers for a custom race


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Long story short, I want a specific video game character, Brigitte Lindholm from Overwatch, implemented in Skyrim and between doing that as a follower with voice lines from OW and tweaked combat behavior or a custom race I eventually chose the latter. Now, I can make a very basic race mod with RaceCompatibilty so it can be used with vampirism properly (and I actually did that, probably even without screwing it up) and use a RaceMenu preset that is currently WIP or as a last resort use an ECE preset that already exists BUT Brigitte isn't just about looks and without her abiliites she'd just be lost among other basic race mods (actually, I'm not sure how many basic race mods there are, this originated from Brigitte originally being inteded as a follower and wishing to avoid her being lost among other basic followers who were just eye-candy) so implementing the abilities she used had in Overwatch is must-do. Thing is, I can't do that. Don't have the knowledge necessary. So here I am, hoping that someone here will be such a fantastic person they'll make the abilities for me.


Here are the ablilties:

  • Repair Pack. Lesser Power. Healing ability for use on others with a 10 second cooldown after use. In order to maintain its usefullness throughout the game while not being busted in the beginning, from a technical point of view it actually should be several abilities that replace each other as the player levels up (Serana's script replaces her spells as she levels up too, if I'm not mistaken, that's where I got this idea of scaling from). It starts at 35 healing, then gets replaced with 70 at level 10, then with 105 at level 20, 140 at 30, 175 at 40, 220 at 50 and 250 at 60 (+35 healing per 10 levels, reduced to +30 on final). That's not all, however. Original Repair Pack added armor (in Overwatch armor is a type of health that takes less damage) to the target when healing more health than the target was missing. So Repair Pack also raises target's armor by 100 and magic resistance by 15% for 4 seconds, regardless of level because damage reduction from armor is percentage-based and magic resistance is 100% pure percentage. Third, and the last effect from Repair Pack is raising maximum health by an amount equal to the amount of overhealing for 4 seconds. Although I'm not sure if this can even be done. If it can't or turns out to be too complicated, I'll be totally fine if you just skip this last part of the ability.


  • Crusader Training. Passive ability that doesn't exist in Overwatch and has several combat-related effects.
  1. Attack speed with maces is increased by 15% but mace damage is reduced by 10%. Only active whith a shield equipped. This is here to represent that Brigitte's weapon in Overwatch is a flail/mace wielded with a shield and moslty to make maces less painfully slow.
  2. Bashing with a shield does 3 times more damage. Power bashing with a shiled does 5 times more damage. This represents Brigitte's Shield Bash ability from Overwatch that, well, is a shield bash. Bashing already exisits in Skyrim so it's just a damage buff because Shield Bash form OW used to deal a considerable amount of damage.
  3. Hitting an enemy with a power attack within 3 seconds of bashing them with a shield knocks them down (unless they're immune to knockdowns). This effect has a 15 second cooldown. This is here to represent Brigitte's Shield Bash -> melee attack -> Whip Shot combo. Whip Shot is the only ability that is EXTREMELY hard to implement in Skyrim due to the fact that this ability is Brigitte extending her flail's chain and throwing the flail's head into an enemy, knocking them back. If it's not impossible to do it would at least require a scripted weapon and a new animation. So I'll have to settle for this combo passive.
  • Inspire.Passive ability. Dealing damage with a melee attack applies Inspire to self and all allies within 20 meters for 6 seconds (ideally, "allies" should be considered NPCs that won't attack the player on sight but I dunno if it's doable so a backup option is NPCs who aren't in combat with the player although this would mean that, say, sneak attacking a bandit will make other nearby bandits inspired). Inspire makes health regenerate 100% faster and magicka and stamina regenerate 50% faster; it also reduces Shout cooldown by 20%.


  • Rally. Greater Power, can only be used once per day. Creates a 20 meter radius aura around user (not static, it keeps moving with the caster) for 60 seocnds. Every second allies and self in the aura gain 30 armor and 5% magic resistance, stacking up to 5 times (or if stacking is too complicated, provides 150 armor and 25% magic resistance from the beginning) and lasting for 60 seconds after leaving the aura. Aura also increases attack speed and bow draw speed by 20%, spell cast speed by 20% (if doable), reduces stamina costs for power attacks and bashes by 30%, reduces magicka cost for spells by 25% and increases damage dealt by 20%. These effects are lost immideatly upon leaving the aura. Yes, Rally is basically Inspire on steroids.


  • Barrier Shield. That's the second ablity I'm not sure about implementing. It's basically a ward spell without a magicka cost, blocks arrows in addition to spells (the first one is real easy to do, the second is probably doable but hold on till the third one) and has a hidden health bar of its own that takes damage equal to the damage the ward blocked and slowly recovers depleted health after a few seconds of not being used; if the shield's health is depleted completely it breaks and can't be used for 3 seconds. While I'm glad that Skyrim has a spell that functions pretty much the same as Barrier Shield, the shield health part doesn't seem to be easily implemented. So it's just two no-cost ward spells, one is equal to Lesser Ward and the other is equal to Steadfast Ward and replaces the first one at level 25. Still, here are Barrier Shield stats if you suddenly decide to take the challenge and try making the health version: 75 health with 15 health recovery per second after 3 seconds of not being used, 110 health with 22 health per second recovery at level 10, 145 and 29 at 20, 180 and 36 at 30, 215 and 43 at 40, 250 and 50 at 50 and 275 and 55 at 60 (+35 health and +7 regeneration per 10 levels, reduced to +25 and +5 on final).

Abilities that do not exist in Overwatch but I thought it'd be cool to have them:

  • Ardent Defender. Passive ability. When there is an ally nearby (25 meter radius) whose health is below 50%, deal 10% insreased damage and take 10% less damage. This bonus is increased to 15% bonus damage and 15% damage reduction when the owner of the passive is below 50% health too.


  • I Will Be Your Shield. Greater Power, can be used only once per day; using either IWBYS or Rally puts both of these powers on their daily cooldown. For 15 seconds, all damage done to the target is redirected to the caster, caster aslo gains 250 armor and 25% magic resistance and 15% increased damage during this.

Notes: I say "user" or "caster" isntead of "player" on purpose: I might still try making a custom follower in which case scripts for these abilites will come in handy but if they specifically use the player as a reference they will need to be re-written. I'm not sure that these exact abilty numbers will fit well so they might need to be adjust which, however, shouldn't be too hard as long as I know where to look. Still, it'd be really nice to have a mod configuration menu that would allow to adjust values like healing amount, cooldowns or power gained from leveling easily in-game, that'd be a fantastic quality of life feature especially since I hoped to share this mod with other people once it's finished and it's very likely that different people will have different thoughts on what's balanced. But you already will be doing a huge favor for me by implementing Brigitte's abilites in Skyrim so I won't be upset if there won't be a customization menu. Yes, it'd very cool but it also isn't essential and can be done alter while this mod already is over one year late.


Hopefully I didn't forget anything.


Thanks in advance!


Oh, right, I did forget at least one thing. Here's the basic race mod I made. Nothing fancy, just the absolute base of the race which you can use to save some time. It's made with RaceCompatibility so it works with vampirism and requires said RaceCompatibility. Oh, and please, start all IDs and script names with _BrigitteLindholm or _BrigLind so they are easy to find.


Okay, once more.


Hopefully I didn't forget anything else.


Thanks in advance!

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